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Parliament rejects Boko’s motion of no confidence against Masisi


Parliament has rejected a motion of no confidence against state President, Mokgweetsi Masisi, which was tabled by opposition leader, Duma Boko, this afternoon.

Majority of 35 Members of the house (MPs) against 11 and 3 abstinents rejected the motion and dismissed it as a mischievous political howl.

In dismissing the motion, Members of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party especially, came to the defence of Masisi and called Boko a sell out who is being used by certain people.

Assistant Minister of Tertiary Education, Fedelis Molao, said Boko is a “hired gun who is being used by some people. “The mover of this motion is a dangerous fellow who should never be allowed near the seats of government. He is munipulative,” he said.

Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Kgathi, described Boko’s motion as a desperate one by a desperate man. “Since when has he started loving President Khama? When the devil starts showing a liking towards a Christian, then you have got to be suspicious.”

In laying his motion before the house, Boko had suggested that in refusing former President Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama to appoint the fired boss of the Directorate of Intelligence and security Services (DISS), Khama’s rights were being violated.

Boko who is an attorney by profession and runs a law firm, let it slip that there is a case in his office regarding the refusal to appoint Kgosi as Khama’s Private Secretary.

“The former president acting within his rights and law makes a recommendation and says “I want this person to work for me,” without any legal excuse, it is wrong and improper to deny him to do so,” Boko stated.

Boko had said Masisi was unfit to lead the country because he had been implicated in the embezzlement of funds from the National Petroleum Fund among others.

When it came to Kgosi, Boko’s wording however was not “implicated”, but rather “alleged” and BDP MP’s found him to be unfair to Masisi and that his motion was a desperate move to divert attention from the current problems faced by his party, Umbrella for Democratic Change.