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Parliament approves motion on education enquiry


Gaborone Central Member of Parliament, Dr Phenyo Butale’s motion which called for the establishment of an Independent Commission of Inquiry into the plummeting education results was last Friday passed by parliament.

With majority of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) MPs having missed Parliament due to the party congress in Tonota, 15 opposition members voted for the motion against BDP’s 8.

But that was after some frantic resistance by Assistant Minister of Basic Education, Moiseraele Goya who said it was unnecessary to establish the commission of enquiry.

Minister Goya argued that they were aware of the factors that contribute to the unsatisfactory performance and that there was no need for such a commission.

“We have come up with strategies to see how we can remedy the system,” he said, much to murmurs of disapproval by opposition MPs.

Goya said as the Ministry, they have conducted in-house research to deal with and investigate the root cause of poor results.

The Assistant Minister further dismissed the usage of the word, ‘plummeting’ to describe the declining trend of education results as he said it was being wrongly used, adding that the educational performance is not that bad.

“Our results are not plummeting but unsatisfactory, I had thought that the mover of the motion, Dr Butale will change that.”

Speaking to The Voice after Parliament had adjourned, an elated Butale said that the move was a big achievement for opposition as their motion got approved.

“In house research by the Ministry has failed to bring results and I think an Independent Commission can come with better solution.”

He said that the educational system is in crisis level and that an urgent holistic approach is needed.

“Though Parliament is now taking its mandate seriously and delivering, I am disappointed by the Education Minister’s views that are against the motion instead of being the one spearheading it,” added Butale.