FIRE FIGHTING: Dikeledi put out the inferno
The Palapye ‘thokolosi’ that terrorised a family last year has returned with a vengeance.
The demon was blamed for the fires that destroyed the Willie family’s home.

The supernatural flames randomly and repeatedly broke out over the course of six months.

It was thought that the thokolosi had been exorcised after Kgosi Masego Olebile demarcated the yard and top members of the Eloyi church held an all-night vigil, praying for the evil spirit’s demise.

It seemed to work as since then the family had been left in peace, the thokolosi apparently banished.

However, it appears that the ‘satanic spirit’ was merely lying dormant and last Saturday it struck again.

The all too familiar sight of burnt clothes and beds strewn across the yard combined with a putrid, choking smell of smoke the haunting testament of the thokolosi’s destructive return.

Cuddling her young baby close, Dikeledi Thapelo, 29, told The Voice that the fires started on Saturday skipped Sunday and then returned on Monday.

Thapelo was finally getting her life back on track but the return of the fires has cruelly ruined all that.

“My mother was trying to erk a living from selling alcohol. We had managed to gather a few things for ourselves, on top of all that we got from donors, but all that is gone now. I don’t know what this witch wants from us,” said a dazed Thapelo in despair.

A worried Thapelo continued, saying, “I’m very concerned about my baby. Where will I take her away from all of this?” Realising that she needs to remain strong for her daughter, Thapelo takes a deep breath and, trying to find the positives in such a bleak situation, says, “At least this will make her strong.”

The Willie family
IN TROUBLE: The Willie family

At the centre of the fiery controversy is the Willies’ home, which allegedly used to belong to their parents but who didn’t leave a will when they passed on. Although they are not sure who it is exactly, the Willies are convinced that one of their relatives wants to scare them out of the yard.

Before the fires returned, Thapelo’s mother, MmaSeji Willie, 48, had found it hard to believe the ‘witchcraft’ visited upon the family after two owls and a puff adder were allegedly removed from her yard. “We saw with our own eyes the things that had been troubling us. We were now sleeping sleep like babies.” Sadly, it seems that their relief was short-lived.

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