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Palapye festival feuds

Palapye festival feuds
Palapye festival feuds

There’s a simmering tension between organizers of Palapye Shesanyama event and Pula Power Spring Festival who are both eyeing 29th September in Palapye.

While the animosity has been down played over the last couple of weeks, it became a fully blown verbal fight following a Facebook post by Thato Siska.

The post on Palapye Residents Only group infuriated residents who threw their weight behind Palapye Shesanyama, an event organized by Palapye promoters.

They were not happy that in promoting his event, Siska denounced his competitors.

Well Shaya has always advised promoters to work together.

How do you stage two big shows in one day?

You both stand to lose while you should have worked together for a common cause.

Yours Truly will be keeping an eye on this feud, and my gut feeling is it won’t end well.