Over my dead body
ILLICT LOVE: Thabo Modisaemang and his mistress, Agnes

-BCP activist attempts suicide over mistress

What started as an exciting love affair nearly cost a Botswana Congress Party (BCP) activist his life after he was driven to the brink of suicide when his furious wife exposed his illicit affair.

Distraught 51-year-old Thabo Modisaemang was talked out of hanging himself during a tense stand-off with police officers in Kanye on Saturday.

The former Kgakgwe ward council candidate who lost in the 2014 general election allegedly swore he would rather die than leave his youthful concubine and fellow BCP activist, Agnes Itshepheng, who also lost in her campaign for Nyorosi East ward in the same election.

The catalyst for the two-timing Thabo’s despair occurred the previous day, when his long-suffering wife, the mother to his five children, Mmopelwa Modisaemang, 39, discovered he was having an affair with the 37-year old Itshepheng.

Betrayed and humiliated, Mmopelwa blamed Itshepheng for her husband’s neglect of his family, believing that he was spending all his attention on his mistress instead.

Determined to make the mistress pay for leading her husband astray, the scorned woman dragged Itshepheng back to her house, keeping her locked up for almost half a day.

The terrified mistress was only released when Mmopelwa hauled her off to the police station to open a marriage-wrecking case against her.

It would appear that the affair has been going on for at least two years, as Mmopelwa told how she caught her husband and Itshepheng together in the married couple’s bedroom back in 2014.

However, back then Thabo managed to convince his wife that the incident was innocent, claiming that the two had just been downloading music.

Narrating her ordeal to The Voice, Mmopelwa revealed that her earlier suspicions were confirmed over the past week, when she caught Thabo flirting with the same woman and giving her money.

The emotionally wounded wife added that she had engaged family elders for advice and even went to the residence where Itshepheng worked as a maid, demanding that she be reprimanded for her actions.

Over my dead body
ANGRY: Mmopelwa Modisaemang showing off her rival’s t-shirt

Still seething at her husband’s betrayal, a fuming Mmopelwa said, “The time I caught them in my bedroom, Thabo’s mistress was trembling in fear, she even forgot her t-shirt behind and ran home half naked in a bra.”

Confirming the affair, Itshepheng declared her continued love for Thabo, although she claimed he told her that he was no longer with his wife.

“He proposed love to me and I happily agreed – but he lied and told me that he and his wife were separated,” she said timidly.

Thabo remained in a sombre mood when he spoke to The Voice, warning that he would rather end his life than part with his beloved mistress.

In a cruel verbal attack on his wife, he claimed, “Mmopelwa has long told me that I am an old man; she even has a child out of wedlock – others she aborted and buried behind the house!”

Meanwhile, Superintendent Mogomotsi Mogale of Kanye police confirmed that Mmopelwa will soon appear before Kanye magistrate for the marriage wrecking case, but would not divulge any further details.

To compound his problems, Thabo was charged with common nuisance for attempting to commit suicide.

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