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Our nature is to care


Long before wellness was a buzzword, Sally Pillar took on the unconventional and set her sights in helping many find a balance between nutrition, physical and mindful wellbeing.

Over the years this has been successfully achieved through her tireless efforts of building resilient and robust brands stemming from her flag ship; Nature Care.

Pillar is a dynamic woman whose main interest is healing.

She heals with the power of the spoken word- as a motivational speaker and counsellor, by touch as a massage therapist and a massage chair she found on the best massage chair reviews on the market and also by food, as a nutritionist.

Pillar believes in the therapeutic effect of food in reversing symptoms and looks at health from a holistic perspective.

“In order for one to achieve total wellness, one has to encompass the body, mind and spirit. It is a journey I have long dedicated myself to and it is the greatest reward to see many more people take up a keen interest in the matter of wellness.

Nature Care was set up in 1999 to educate people on issues of wellness.

It started as retail for herbal remedies and food supplements at the same time designing and facilitating corporate workshops on issues of wellness. You can also check out these videos to learn more about how herbal supplements are best for your body and total well being.

Then with time it added counseling, Massage Therapy, Detoxification programmes hence making it a Wellness Centre.

Its growth was to also enhance patron’s experiences when visiting the wellness centre.

In keeping with their promise to offer superb all round wellness service, Nature Care attracted other professionals from varying fields to offer complementary services.

These specialized services included a Dietician, Physiotherapist, and Counsellor.

This offering turned Nature Care into a one stop place for healing.

It saved customer’s time and made it easy for them to seek assistance.

Nature Care
FOOT MASSAGE: Therapist at work

Like all businesses, a shift in the business occurred in 2015 when Nature Care incorporated health and beauty, offering clients a place to relax and be pampered.

“When one starts to feel well and balanced they also want the outside to match the inside. Introducing the beauty aspect to the business answered this need. It must be said that services offered at Nature Care target both sexes. Truth be told, everyone yearns for better health and to look their absolute best and it is our drive to help both men and women to achieve these goals,” says Pillar.

She said in October 2015, a beautiful Foot Palace Spa was opened making the operation bigger and more attractive.

An array of exotic massages are offered at the Spa and these include the “Hawaiian Massage” where the Therapist focuses on healing the body and the emotions.

“The movement is out of this world. One has to experience it to appreciate the massage. There is Body Butter massage which is done using the aromatic wax butter with different fragrances like Lemon grass & Orange, Chocolate and Strawberry, Vanilla and Honey. It teases one’s senses and is quite fulfilling. The Spa also offers Reflexology Massage which is a foot massage that focuses on areas mapped on the foot that correspond with different glands and parts of the body.”

According to Pillar, these uncommon yet effective treatments set NatureCare apart from other offerings in the market.

“It is also pleasing that NatureCare has taken into account the busy schedules many have hence our operating hours have been designed to accommodate clients hectic schedules. One can book treatments right till 8pm in the evenings during the week and till 5pm during weekends. Customers are now able to come for massages, facials, pedicures, manicures and other treatments after hours where they can then go home to relax after being pampered.”

She says NatureCare prides itself with good customer care.

“Our clients are treated like very important persons (VIP’s) because we acknowledge that we can’t exist without them. Product knowledge is a part that we value because we know that customers are indeed king and queens.”