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Orange letlhafula returns

Orange letlhafula returns
Orange letlhafula returns

The much anticipated Orange Letlhafula returns to Botswana Craft this Saturday under the theme ‘Tshomarelo ngwao go ya dikokomaneng’.

Orange Letlhafula is a popular annual cultural event celebrating Botswana’s diverse culture through music, dance, food and drink and traditional games.

This is the 14th consecutive time that Orange will sponsor the fun-filled day and a large turnout is expected again.

Over the years, the audience have fully embraced the occasion, adding greatly to the atmosphere and excitement of the day by dressing up in their best traditional outfits.

The day involves copious amounts of eating, drinking and entertainment, with people getting to sample different traditional dishes, sip on various local brews as well as dance to music from all corners of the country.

Orange letlhafula returns

Expressing his excitement ahead of this year’s event, Orange Botswana’s PR and Foundation Manager, Boga Chilinde-Masebu said, “This year’s theme focuses on the preservation of Setswana culture for future generations. It is imperative that we do not lose that which defines us as Batswana. Our future generations deserve to grow up knowing and appreciating the culture that defines us – hence our participation in this event.”

The event is in line with the Setswana culture of celebrating and being thankful for a good ploughing and harvesting season.

In the past, villagers would gather at their local Kgotla to present their first harvest to the chief, which would then turn into a huge celebration of thanksgiving for the good harvesting season that they had experienced.

Tickets to the show are already on sale and are available at Botswana Craft for P250, which covers food and entertainment for the day.