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Opinion Poll reveals disapproval of Khama


Public poll

The results of an opinion poll drawn from a wide sample in four centres across the country have revealed a waning of President, Ian Khama Seretse Khama ‘s popularity as many expressed strong disapproval of the  way he has been handling the nation of late.

Out of  over 1000 people polled in Selebi-Phikwe, Maun, Gaborone, and Francistown  65% said they strongly disapproved of  the way the president was running the country, with many citing their displeasure over his approach to the civil service strike as the main reason for their loss of confidence in the man they formerly loved.

Many of those who strongly disapproved of Khama’ style of leadership said that  they felt that his passing of remarks about the ongoing strike at Kgotla meetings in villages instead of facing the unions head to resolve the impasse has brought a sense of anxiety among the citizenry who have been left guessing and worried about when and how the whole stand off between the two concerned parties would end.


Meanwhile the poll has also revealed  that the strength  of Khama’s Party is varied. In Selebi-Phikwe , where Khama was strongly disapproved of the most,(61%) his party, the BDP  lead in popularity with 46%   ahead of the BCP, which emerged second with 37% and BMD trailing behind with 17%. There were no takers for the BNF in Phikwe.

Although weak in Selebi-Phikwe ,BMD has however according to the poll made serious inroads in Gaborone where it was shown to be ahead of the pack with a  34.8% approval rating followed by the BCP with 27% and the BDP at 26.8% while 11.4 of those polled said that if the country was to go to the polls tomorrow they would  vote for the  the BNF.

The strongest party right now  is the  BCP, the poll has revealed as majority of those polled  in Maun 43% and in Francistown, 40% plus many in the other two centres said that if elections were to be held  tomorrow they would go for the BCP while the  BNF has been revealed to be the weakest link, in the envisaged opposition coalition.



  1. is dis Khama’s hair colour??…batho jaanong ba mo sotla le ditebego tota, or maybe i just didnt realise he is dis old!!

  2. The voice ga le e itse, ke bone ba colourileng moriri wa mogolo….le raya gore moriri o ka thunya jaana? Hayibo!!

  3. Dipalo tse ha ke di bona jaana, ha e le gore di a go nna jaana go tsena 2014 re ya go bona motshameko o o kgathang thata ko dithophong. Ebile ha ke tswala matho le akanya 2014, ke bona kesi e na le jeke e khubidu, e ya ko tase. Moruti o raya batho a re go tshelwe mmu go opelwe sehela. Batho ke ha ba opela: MO TLOGELENG A TSAMAYE, TIRO YA GAGWE O E WEDITSE. Go tewa Domkrag. Ha ba sa baakanye makgaphila a a dirahalang gompieno a, go ka naa ga dirahala jaana. At this moment any party that can come up and sell itself to Batswana and not just because of the crisis we are in, will win their hearts in 2014. As for this opposition cooperation, it is a non starter. Batho ba teng bothe ba bata go busa le go koba BDP e le one maitlamo a bone. So Batswana ba ipoleletse gore ha e le gore boipapatso ja diphathi ke puso, a go buse domkrag hela ka yone ba setse ba e tlwaetse.

  4. It cannot be an easy time for the president. I just cannot believe how our president can be so out of touch with his people. It also shows lack of understanding of our way of life. How can he go to the villages & start slamming the civil servants. Doesn’t he understand that most of those people in the villages have atleast 1 member working in the government who in turn support them financially. Illiteracy in these villages is saving him more embarrassment. You cannot improve the lives of the poor by denying other sections of the society. Khama has to start listening & listen hard. What Botswana need is to start empowering Batswana and not this silly propaganda they are playing around with now. Botswana must make it easy for Batswana to have licenses to operate small businesses & stop this rubbish of protecting big cooperation from competition. Maybe they should learn 1 thing from central & west africa, though as run down countries as they are, they have free market where everyone is allowed to trade and the consumer has the advantage of competitive pricing. Its an insult to hear from now & then that police confiscated people’s goods as trial as food because they are not allowed to sell, why can’t they be issued those rights.

  5. also our president should avoid using setswana as his communication medium, he is not good in setswana and his message comes out as rude and i believe he doesn’t mean to be. Take a case when he says “..batho ba rwele ditsebe, mme ga ba utlwe..”

  6. It wont be members of political parties who will decide the outcome of the election. It will be the independent voters, the majority! These are the people who care about Botswana, not parties or politicians. These are the people who know what the reality is. They know that Khama never refused to increase salaries. They understand the reasons given for delaying it. You will do well to tell us which leader will consume P2 billion annually when Botswana is in this level of debt after recession and tell us what is wise about that. If the government plan of having serviced the debt by the end of 2012 succeeds and salaries begin to go up in a healthy, debt-free economy as planned, with new waves of development projects coming up, who will appear responsible to serious people out there? Personal attack on this president should not get him to destroy our future. It will be wrong! Who said the people living in the country side are illiterate? They don’t have to be listened to or have their concerns attended to? These is more to this country than the narrow issues you are emotional about. It’s hard work at the top, go and see the pictures of leaders before and at different stages of being at the helm. Everyone ages, especially if they care!

    I still can bet my last thebe on this, that people out there know who they can trust with the future of our country, even those asking for salary increase at the moment. For them this is not a declaration of opposition support! Wait till 2014 is here and you will see what i mean. To be where we are took good leadership and they can see that! Ty_M, tell me which country in the world supports racketeering? You need to be serious! This president supports self-help and entrepreneurship but there are rules to be followed!

  7. @Chris M, since the government decided to take money off my pockets without my will during this painful recession, now i demand that they give me back my money through a 16% increase, is that asking too much?.If they tell me there is no money, why are they spending money on things that can wait until after recession?. I wish people in villages were more literate but unfortunately that is not the case, its not me Chris, its the study of literacy level in Botswana. Villagers have more illiterate people than towns & cities, its a painful fact. Maybe this explains why his excellency likes visiting them so much, soft pick, isn’t it?, doesn’t it suprise you that he isn’t doing the same thing in cities, like visit us and hear our concerns or its only the villagers who have concerns?. Does a country have to support racketeering for it to happen?, no i dont know of a country that support it but i know it happens. Is it news to you that big super markets do price fixing in Botswana. It is almost impossible to open a company & have a trading license in Botswana without involvement of consultants who charge enormous fees, is this normal? & who are these people?. Is it normal to you that with a population of almost 2 million and having been blessed with so much land, Batswana should be crying of lack of land. The truth is Chris, people who are benefitting from our desperation for land will never allow us to have our land back. If this is not racketeering then explain it to me. Who are the people who benefitted from the millions that were used to purchase the land where university of science & tech is being built & those from the construction of trans kalahari?, the answer is big politicians & their business partners. And now Chris, maybe this one will make you cry, how much money was used to buy land where mogoditshane block 7, 9 is sitting now, peanuts & you know why? because this land belonged to the poor Kweneng farmers, they tried bargaining for a better compensation & all they got was a middle finger. They sit around & pop champagne and laugh loudly at the gains made from the already poor souls & the government is watching not knowing what to do. Now propaganda seems like a right choice to stay in power.

  8. Ty_M, do you realize that Botswana fared far better than many nations during recession because of government decision to cushion the nation from its effects? By doing that we incurred a debt that we need to get out of if we are to have a future? Do you realize that events threatening our recovery are gathering in nations that will send us into another disaster, and if we are caught in debt by that, then we will have no choice but accept really painful austerity measures we were shielded from? ( Japan is in recession following disaster there, the US maxed its debt limit and may default paying its debt for the first time in history and its economy is threatened with downgrading- all of which will hit the world economy hard!) We need to sort out many years of mismanagement of land and other issues but we can’t ignore the seriousness of what we are facing and why it is right that the government is taking the position they are taking.

    No one is opposing salary increase but the timing and the size of the request followed by the strike, ignoring the reality of what we have to deal with and what it will mean for everyone including those on strike if the right decision is not taken and on time. Make no mistake about it, if we don’t get out of this debt, Ty_M, we have a serious problem! Get that and i’m not here to defend crime or any wrong doing that you know of.

    It’s rubbish to say that this president doesn’t talk to people in Gaborone, cities or major towns. He does! This is nonsense pushed by his rivals. You deny that? Rural dwellers are insulted all the time, Ty_M, by people who rally behind divisive people with nothing of substance to offer. These college graduates are as good as illiterate if you ask me. If you really want to build a better economy, you start from bottom up, lifting the neglected poor members of society. That’s where greater attention and effort should be in my view. I see nothing wrong with that if those people are to be lifted out of poverty, many of which have great entrepreneurial capability that need support. Yes, he should have addressed strike but the message would have been the same and for that reason i doubt it would have made the difference. Look who is leading them.

    Ty_M, many of our challenges aren’t unique to us and can be solved without destroying our country. We have the tools to do just that. We can do better and I reject the idea that our problems can be summarized in one name, Khama. Surely we know better than that.

  9. @Chris M, I totally agree with your last posting except on your bottom up approach to the economy. What i am simply saying is let this be a lesson to us. Our economy has received a battering yes but during this difficult period let us all show restrain and avoid sending wrong messages. Hopefully the government & civil servants will find a compromise & we can all get on with building our country. Get me right, president Khama is trying his best & i truely believe he means well for the country but unfortunately his hardline approach is not consistent with what is acceptable in a democracy. The Khamas are known for their wealth & ownership of prime land which will normally qualify as heritage sites for the tribes where this land is located & the suffering civil servants cannot understand why a man living such luxurious lifestyle can deny them a chance to put food on the table. You see, politics & riches dont go hand in hand in developing countries and people just have to tread carefully & the president should know better. He comes from a background that is totally detached from a normal tswana upbringing and he can do with listening a lot. For him to be successful, he will have to understand the mentality of Batswana across all economic classes. Last time I checked Chris, Botswana is one of the countries with an obscure economic disparities. The 10% people who own 80% of the economy can never be safe until something is done about it. What is shocking is these people are not innovating anything that you can point a figure at. All they are doing is, win multimillion tenders & then import stuff from China at a cheaper price, what is this?. But I appreciate your contributions Chris, they are well thought and well said.

  10. excuse my typos but guess you understand. words like “..point a figure at / ..point a finger at”

  11. Its alright to have a winge about the person at the top – what about the advisors? are they doing their job? Are they the right people around the person? Are they TRUSTWORTHY? pROBABLY YES SIR everything is going fine in front of the person and when the back is turned it is a different Story? Like the rest of the continent the Very Top Needs TO SACK NON PERFORMERS. When you encourage someone to join politics be seen to be there to advise them when things go wrong dont just isolate them- shadow them

  12. It would be interesting to know how the Tourism Industry is fairing remember it generates income and what is going on is not good

  13. You should look at all leaders they start of fresh and end up looking stressful
    Shouldering internal responsibilities as well as trying to resolve external ones especially in a continent like africa is not a joke
    hello “Life is a journey not a destination” we will all have grey hairs at one stage !

  14. Medical staff in hospitals throughtout Africa are known for their rudeness to patients Try that in a developed country you will be SACKED because the patients have the right to make a complaint of incompetent staff- if they are not rude they are known to pilfer medication that is supposed to for the patient

  15. “our president should avoid using setswana as his communication medium”
    If a person is not good a communicating in a particular Language surely SOMEONE WHO HAS A HEART WOULD OFFER TO TEACH THEM THE CORRECT WAY TO SPEAK
    And when they speak in English i Bet someone will have a MOAN – never ever satisfied

  16. Cheers Ty_M. This discourse is very informative and you too are a superb contributor. I totally agree with you there that the rich people of this country are doing very little with their wealth to help build the private sector we desperately need. The reason western nations, unlike us, could afford public sector job loses over the recession is that they have well established private sector that could hire some of those laid off people. Without any doubt, if we can work hard to build a robust private sector, this nation of 2 million people will eliminate poverty. That is the key to the success of this nation. It wont be build by multinational investors only but must to be championed by citizens. If people had a choice between private sector and public sector jobs, this current anger over salary increase would be eased as people could just go and get a job that suited them. However, i doubt most of these would survive in the private industry as they will be expected to sweat for every thebe they get, unlike the laziness in public sector yet people expecting a lot of money. I still have to say that blindly following these pathetic union leaders and their politician friends gets people to shoot themselves in the foot. These are unbelievably irresponsible and not only bad for Botswana but dangerous if you analyse the low to which they are prepared to sink to try and get into power.

  17. I urge all of you to go and read Sandy Grant’s Etcetera II in today’s issue of Mmegi to see sound thinking and reasoning!

  18. Sandy’s contribution is a good read though it lacks a grasp of how our institutions work. Botswana’s business is shrouded in secrecy that you will never have information unless you are close to power. Right now it is speculative, this is why unions are basing their arguments on government spending. The opposition parties have complained in the past that they cannot even make a counter budget because government is protective of our economic indicators. How does he expect civil servants to know whether we truly have or haven’t money. It seems people forget quite easy and it is a shame for people of Sandy’s intellect to come out as shallow as this. Reading his article, it sounds like a person who just arrived in the country 1 year ago. Hasn’t this very same paper elaborated on the low salaries of civil servants, somewhere in this edition unless he prefers to read only mmegi. Hasn’t the opposition parties told civil servants that even though they support them , it doesn’t mean they will always agree on issues but there will be consultation and concessions (This was Ntuane saying this in Ramotswa). Sandy is good with words & thought but he hasn’t followed this issue, I expect better from him. By nature protests start off on a certain demand and they will keep on increasing if protesters feel their grievances are not addressed, this is meant to put pressure. It’s the same thing that happened in north Africa of recent. The biggest danger that I see is, the opposition seems to be supporting lawlessness, the union lost a case of essential services but the opposition with lawyers like Boko are not urging them to abide by the law & for this they will pay heavily in the future. As well the union seems to have failed to explain the no work, no pay rule & now they want to make it look like the government is vindictive when all along this was part of the agreement. Now people have not received their salaries because they did not work in May & with our bad personal financial management, we are awaiting a human catastrophe, its an early xmas for the micro lenders.

  19. oooh one more thing on Sandy’s article, the fact that the unemployed will not benefit or disagree with this demand doesn’t have any bearing on its justification. As much as some of us who have been rejected by CEDA doesn’t in anyway rubbishes the scheme. When the money is taken off the pocket of the middle class through electricity levy to subsidy the village connections, do this people like losing their money?, maybe not but atleast they understand something has to give. Problems are usually addressed with specific target groups & why should civil servants need approval of the unemployed. It is this divisive attitude that is hardening people’s feelings.

  20. Too much beaurocracy on the continent
    despite advanced technology it would get the top award for it!!! One has to make too many follow ups when doing business with the continent. The people on the other end do not bother to make a respond!!!!

    Referring back to” our president should avoid using setswana as his communication medium” it is all about connecting with the audience Oh my Goodness!!!

  21. @cheerful, unfortunately politics is a cutthroat market, one man’s woes is another man’s happiness, forget this good heart mantra. When the president is addressing serious issues, it will do him good to do that in english, the language he masters better. This is not new, Batswana are already used to english with translation addresses, Mogae did it too but for other reasons but in our current case Khama should take advantage of this already existing norm. Our president shouldn’t be a fodder for comedians & critics for political advancement. Lately he has been accused of being sexist due to things he says in Setswana, but have you ever heard that whenever he addresses people in english where he even passes jokes that comes out clean. Let us not create our own Idi Amin of “..let me start by undressing the Queen…”

  22. Well, Ty_M, you are just being disingenuous and avoiding issues on Sandy Grant’s article. We already see some of the things he aptly and sagely pointed to. Politicians in Botswana abandon good principles when they think it suits them forgetting that they are teaching people how to behave and the same behaviour will be shown to them down the line. These opposition leaders engage in personal attacks without stating what the situation is and how they plan to address it and let people decide who will likey do better. Instead they avoid that altogether but engage in character assassination of Khama and stoke up unrest whenever they can. They never used this opportunity to sell their leadership credentials if they had any but urged people to even consider taking government by force and through the use of weapons. That, all day, is incitement of violence, and when all this is over people will look back at this and see them for what they really are. None of other leaders condemned this even though they cooperate with Boko, making them complicit in it! Vitriolic language that is divisive and vulgar is often their mantra. All this makes them look bad and undemocratic! If they can do that when in opposition, how responsible can we expect them to be when in power? No one condemned BCP youth when they stormed BTV and hurled insults at staff and threatened them with violence. Which explains why they never told Unions not to abandon their responsibility to essential services, with people dying! We have already seen how union members even threaten to beat up police officers on duty, in line with how opposition view and depict security, as enemy of the people! Do you think none of this will look bad on these opposition leaders when all this is over? People will remember how they behaved and they will pay! Remember that it’s not their party members who will give them the victory! Violence is extending to teachers and ministers and when people like Boko speak like that, it makes him look really bad. There is no way unions can override executive assembly elected in a democratic process. That will set a terrible precedent that will be repeated in the future, regardless of who is in power. I can go on and on. But understand what Sandy Grant is saying. He is exactly right!

  23. Tota gone kgang kgolo ke go buisana’yes the president has to speak with those unions. mme fela toro e e mo thevoice ya dipalo yone ga ena go fetoga nnete.I wiil be pleased if my fellow citizens would learn how to respect for the president.Le lona ba kganetso la re re tle re le fe tlotla e e tshwanang le e le e fang tautona fa go ka diragala phoso la bona puso.

  24. bagaetsho are re tlotle tautona wa rona. re itse fa a le motona, ke eng re sena thopo mme re thompa batsadi ba rena. ebile o motona mo batsading ba rona. the voice ga le dire sentle, what is the main reason for changing his hair? this man need peace too

  25. @Marylo. A mme ga motho a tsofetse ke phoso ya The Voice? He is in a hot chair my dear. Have you ever realised even Barrack Obama’s hair has greyed quickly? Ga se motshameko boeteledipele bo bokete because everybody looks up to you when you are the country’s number 1.