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Seabelo Masasa and Oabona Gosalamang who owns the online website called Naomii Music have this week stated that they have introduced the first ever local artists monetary music downloads.

The duo said that they found it fit to encourage locals to support local artists by downloading their music online and paying a minimal amount.

They have artists like A.T.I, Lizibo, MMP Family, DJ Kuchi, Ozi F Teddy, HT Tautona, Mosako and Touch Motswak on board.

They encouraged other local artists to join their initiative as they give artists a 70% share while they get 30% of the downloads.

For the public to get access to download the music of their favourite local artist they can simply fill in details in their website, buy through cellphone banking and buy coupons at certain stores through a number which they will reveal at their Friday launch.