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One suit, many looks


And the elegant sangoma outfit

sangoma outfit

I was at Riverwalk mall last Thursday and happened to pass by Issues Fashion Studio. As I walked past, my eyes were caught by a very nice men’s casual outfit that was on display.

I could not resist the urge to go in and talk to the brains behind this very stunning and unique outfit which turned out to be part of the Sangoma collection by fashion designer Mpho Kuaho.
The collection according to Kuaho is selling like ‘hot cakes’ not only locally but beyond borders as well and I understand why, it is fashionable, gives a guy that charming look and certainly very comfortable to wear.

The shirt which blends well with white shorts is ideal for weekends and can be a striking substitute for the normal jeans, shirts or t-shirts that seem to be the only weekend and casual wear for men.
It’s a pity that there were not many of these sangoma inspired shirts at the shop (because of demand) so we could feature more of them on this page but was lucky to come across one of Kuaho’s latest offering of men’s suit, again very stylish.

many looks

“Men’s clothes are usually not attractive and the brothers don’t seem to have much of a choice if they have night outs or those ‘red carpets’ like events. The suit is therefore meant to make sure that men can also be that part of that glitz and glamour that is always associated with women. The good thing is that it can be worn in different ways and thus creating a variety with just one suit.”