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‘One Night with Maxy’

'One Night with Maxy'

Veteran singer celebrates 17 years in the industry

Mmagauta, Queen of Sands, Khoisan Maxy, Maxy the Golden Voice, or simply The Diva – these are some of the names one of country’s most colourful singers has gone by over the years.

However, whilst her identity may have constantly changed, Maxy’s popularity has never waned.

In a stellar career dating back to the start of the new millennium, from Gospel, Afro pop, traditional and Mpaxanga, Maxy has proved she can stretch her voice to cover just about any genre.

On August the 4th, the versatile singer born Olebile Sedumedi, will take patrons on a trip down memory lane in a show dubbed ‘One night with Maxy’.

The singer originally came to prominence back in 2001 with her debut album ‘Maxy Maximum’ and has not stopped since, releasing a further 12 LPs to date.

Her musical stardom was at its peak when she sang the backing vocals for legendary South African singer, Brenda Fassie.

“Most people, even to date, do not know it was my voice in those songs! So this is to show you that my talent can be stretched in so many ways – hence why I was often called the Queen of Sands,” Maxy revealed in an interview this week.

The ‘Cheri Kwa’ hit-maker, whose latest album ‘Why Uvuma’ was released at the end of last year following a five-year hiatus, further said, “With the coming show we want to take patrons through my musical journey, right from where it began.

“Of late I had been spending a lot of my time in South Africa and even re-branded to Maxy the Khoisan because of the reception I received there.”

Quizzed on why it took her five years to release her new album, Maxy replied, “I make timeless music. Even now I have a lot of material that I have archived and have not yet released. Not releasing new music does not mean we are not out there. I have been featuring at major event in the country. I do not tour the country like other artist but I have been featuring with those very artists at major calendar events.”

Held in conjunction with Medumo Entertainment, ‘One night with Maxy’ will be hosted at the Tlotlo Conference Centre at a ticket price of P200.

Supporting acts on the night include: Kelly Khumalo, Pure Gold, Mungu Africa, Zanda as well as local traditional group, Mafitlhakgosi.