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Omang offices extend operating hours


In an effort to meet production target of 3000 national identity cards (omang) a day, the Department of National Registration have extended their operating hours with effect from July 18th until the last day of August 2018.

Instead of closing at the usual 16:30 pm, during the Monday to Friday working week, the Omang offices will close at 18:30 hours and will further open on Saturdays from 08:00 hours until 16:00 hours.

This, according to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry- Temba Mmusi, is to encourage the public to renew their identity cards.

The extension of hours is one of the efforts introduced by the new Minister, Dorcas Makgato who is on a spirited mission to ensure that all eligible voters have a valid identity card when registration for next year’s general elections begins in September.

‚ÄúThis will enable the ministry to have cleared the backlog by the 31st of August 2018 in preparation for registration for the general elections which I know is a preoccupation of a substantive majority of Members in this House and Batswana at large,” Makgato recently told parliament.

Already Makgato’s Ministry has hired extra officers and over 200 interns to help out in the process, through an outreach programme.

The nation is expected to hold its next general elections in October 2019.