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Old woman’s murder shocks F/town

Dead body found in bed by husband #Thought to have been raped and then strangled

CAMERA SHY: The two suspects at court on Wednesday
CAMERA SHY: The two suspects at court on Wednesday

An elderly gentleman got the shock of his long life on Saturday afternoon, when he returned home to discover his wife’s dead body, stripped half-naked and sprawled unceremoniously on the couple’s bed.

It is feared that 70-year-old Grace Keakantse was robbed and raped before she was killed.

Francistown Police have since arrested two men in their early 20s in connection with Keakantse’s murder, which has caused outrage in the second city’s Area W location, where the dead woman was a much-loved member of the community.

Confirming the incident, Tatitown Assistant Superintendent Clarkson Mbereki said, “We got the report on Saturday and went to the crime scene where we found the deceased’s body.”

Mbereki revealed that the house was a mess, with Keakantse’s belongings scattered all over the place.

“I cannot divulge much as investigations are still on but I can confirm that we have two suspects in our custody aged 21 and 24 who will appear before court on Thursday (22 November),” added the police boss, who refused to reveal the men’s identity.

However, The Voice have since learnt the accused are Modisakgotla Keganeditse and Moabi Morwalela, who both appeared for confession at Francistown Magistrates Court Chambers on Wednesday.

Delving deeper into the sad story, The Voice were met with suspicious stares when we journeyed into Area W through the week.

Grief-stricken and in mourning, Keakantse’s family refused to talk to us.

A nearby neighbour, however, agreed to an interview on condition of anonymity.

According to the source, Keakantse’s husband had been attending a funeral when he passed by their place on his way home at about 3pm on Saturday.

“A few seconds later he came running back. He was shaking and sweating violently. The old man looked like he was about to faint, he begged us to follow him.”

Speaking quietly but animatedly, the neighbour said it was obvious something terrible had happened.

“We quickly ran behind him to their house, where we found Grace’s body lying on top of the bed, half dressed from the top. From what I saw she was strangled, as her neck was facing the other side and there was no blood.

“The house was a mess, drawers removed and papers down. I don’t think she screamed because we could have heard, unless they did something to stop her from screaming. I nearly fainted and went out quickly.”

Shaking their head as if to try and banish the image from their minds, the source described the deceased as a kind-hearted, friendly soul.

“We treated Grace like our mother. She was a loving, caring person and was always smiling. Whenever she passed she would ask after my children.

“I didn’t sleep on that night; even now I still can’t believe she’s gone!”

Dropping their voice to a whisper, the source further claimed one of the suspect’s had tried to rape a prostitute on Friday (16th) night.

“My friend is a sex-worker from Zimbabwe and she told me one of the men tried to rape her but she managed to escape. The guy is well known in the area for sleeping with prostitutes and then refusing to pay them!” claimed the source.