Last week’s article, “What were you wearing” got a lot of people talking, I got messages on Facebook and calls from people with a lot to say. Some were on my side, while some were strongly against what I had written.

I must say, I still stand by what I said, I don’t believe a lady wearing a short skirt/dress should blame herself for getting raped and I’m strongly against this question being asked in court. Rape is rape, regardless of what the rape victim was wearing and people who decide to undress those wearing short clothes claiming that they were helping them to undress as it seemed like they didn’t want to dress at all is just total nonsense. People who do such should be imprisoned because they are a menance to society.

Now this column is not at all about me, it’s purpose is to get people talking hence I took this issue to the people and noted what they had to say. In fact, I think this month should all be about people’s opinions, so look out for yours truly as I just might ask you to share your views on a certain issue that I previously discussed.
Mmoloki Madile – 21 years (UB student)
Do you think women who wear short clothes should take some sort of responsibility for being sexually harassed or raped?
Absolutely not, each and every woman has the right to their own fashion style. Men have the responsibility of withdrawing their feelings and not acting upon them. I mean, some females get excited when they see topless men but they don’t rape them, why can’t men do the same. Clothing has nothing to do with rape, men need to set their morals and values straight. Back in day, people used to wear “makgabe” but still there were no rape cases like now.  People then had morals, the law should intensify punishment against rapist because things are getting out of hand.

Taxi Driver ( Gaborone Bus rank)
Do you think swim wear worn in beauty pageants should be cancelled as they expose too much of ladies bodies therefore men might get tempted to sexually harass them?
Yes they should, I don’t understand why we need to see those ladies bodies, after all, their beauty and body are not of our interest. We are only interested in the good that one will do for our country if they win. It’s immoral and very disturbing plus the ladies don’t appeal to me because all I see is bones, we need a bit of meat. Why is it that these beauty pageant ladies are skinny, what message are they trying to convey to the people?
Do you think short clothes should be banned in Botswana?
I believe they should be monitored. Women should be prohibited from wearing such things in public, not even to a nearby tuckshop because if they do so then they are indirectly asking to be sexually harassed. Short skirts and dresses should only be worn when one is home.


  1. rapists are rapists. IT does not matter what you are wearing. it matters very little if at all how sexually attractive you are to the rapist. to support my case, we have heard of cases were six months old babies r raped! were is the sexual “provocation” in what a baby (not babe) is wearing? we hear of ninety year old great grandmothers getting raped by young men. Are the grannies also wearing miniskirks? Rapists mostly target the vulnerable as ilustrated by my two examples. I dont support the the idea of our sisters puting on “belts”, but please, the argument that short skirts causes rape is a dead one

  2. @tswina,exactly rapists r rapists.ga ba gogelwe ke ka fa o apereng ka teng.motho oa bo a ntse a tletse a batlang fa a ka fokoletsang di rusi teng.wat about ba ba reipang dipodi le ditonki?ka ga re kake ra re di a bo di sa apara sentle.

  3. ha ha ha izzy”dipodi le ditonki”.so tota issue gase diaparo gotswa mo itsholong ya motho.combi man ke combi man tota.

  4. I condemn the notion that the attire a woman wears is a magnet for rapists. I used to think so, but now I see why it does not make sense any more. In the islamic world where women cover the whole body including the nose, there is still rape. Tell me what has attracted the rapist in that scenario. I actually want to believe that if we were to bare everything and go around stark naked, rape will be rare. It is the curiosity of what is covered that drives these rapists crazy. The mentality of some men of taking a woman passing by to be sex waiting to happen is very wrong. I don’t know what is going on in their mind, but I believe it must be a mental disorder of some sort. I take it that if this issue was to be taken up at a higher forum, we can get some results and even change this deranged mentality for good.
    On the other hand, my opinion about adult women who dress like toddlers and dress their toddlers like adults, is that they also need a thorough mental evaluation. It is like they don,t care that they are being indesecent in public. They know their dress makes people uncomfortable and not just men, but other women too. But they don’t care about that. Why is that so? What do women think about the way prostitutes dress? Should they be ignored and be allowed to dress like that at a football game or infront of the national assembly? Afterall it is their fashion sense. Is’nt it?

  5. ….so now you will be blaming the girls for wearing a lingerie to bed and some one breaks inn and rapes her…are we going to ask “what was she wearing that provoked the MAN who came to rob”.
    A rapist is a rapist!! A pervert is a pervert.
    Some MEN EVEN act like a gentleman, after a few drinks he shows his true colors ~ does not realize he is forcing himself on his own sister or trying to grope at any passing girl~ whether she is fully clad or semi clad or nude, it does not make a difference.

    Go to a club around you will understand. Every passing girl has to be manhandled, I dont think any girl in the world likes a stranger passing her slaps at her back side~ knowing this still he has to slap her back side whether she is wearing a short dress or a burkha…

    Women can dress as they wish, as they like! but In a way to be admired at, and most of them know what suits them and what does not suit them.. If a girl feels short dresses suit her more than long dresses and she feels more comfortable in it! Why not? & off course they do wear v. short dresses around & at clubs and colleges and they do know they will try to avoid wearing one to a funeral

    Now Francistown taxi drivers taking off the short dresses the girls were wearing is a shame! It was not because they were trying to do moral policing ~ they must have been just snubbed by the girls wearing short skirts, which their male ego’s could not digest~ thinking they were easy!~ So if you cannot get them to BED/ get them to be raped~ then you strip them!!! Wow. Police should take them inn for 3rd degree treatment without any clothes onn~ those are the future rapists! Few girls can be spared!