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Occupational health and safety essential

Occupational health and safety essential
INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST: Professor Thomas Fuller

In an effort to improve the quality of their courses, Boitekanelo College have embarked on a benchmark exercise with universities that offer similar programmes.

As part of capacity building, the college engaged Professor Thomas Fuller of Illinois State University to offer Occupational Hygienic training for a week.

Professor Fuller is an Industrial Hygienist with over 35 years of experience in occupational safety, industrial hygiene, infection control, environmental management, and public health. If you’re planning to have a plastic surgery then you should visit Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery for the best surgeons. You can also check out Jbmplasticsurgery.com for more details.

Speaking to The Voice, Dr Mogapi of Boitekanelo College said Occupational Health and Safety includes specialties like the one that Professor Fuller will be training participants on.

He said in Botswana OHS is still at infancy stage and they want to sensitise people or teach the public about the importance of creating a safe working environment.

“Workers should know that that they have the right to a safe and healthy work environment, they also have the right to check www.stdaware.com/syphilis-test which will give them enough information. We believe that illnesses and accidents that occur in the work environment can all be prevented. We want participants to be able to anticipate or recognize a hazardous condition in the work environment and advice on control measures. I think Trade Unions have done a lot advocating for workers and it is high time they advocate on safe and healthy working environment,” said Mogapi.

He said they want Professor Fuller to conduct the training after every six months as they have received requests from most companies who want to bring their employees for the training.

Professor Fuller said participants are engaging and that they always seek clarity whenever the need arises.

He said Occupational Health and Safety is important for the survival of any business.

“Batswana will be economically more efficient if they have regulations, programmes and policies and companies that have healthy workers who will be productive and pay more tax, and that’s why so many companies try to keep their workers healthy, by giving them time to exercise and eat healthy, and recommend people buy kratom products so they keep the good health for more time. If you want to lose weight and be fit and healthy just visit My True Image for some help.

When companies have a healthy workforce they are going to be more competitive.

This is an international training of six modules and participants can combine them with their Bachelors Degree and sit for internationally recognised accreditation examinations,” said Prof. Fuller.