Ntuane steps down from BDP’s central committee

Former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Secretary General, Botsalo Ntuane, has resigned from his position as an additional member of the party’s Central Committee.

Ntuane, who announced his resignation on Wednesday, told the media he was resinging to take up a role in Election Observer Missions throughout the continent.

“As an experienced election observer who has done duty since 2006 in diverse countries as Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and DRC, I have noted that competent personnel are needed to fulfill this very important function in democratic governance. It is observer mission that confer legitimacy, or even de-legitimise an election, and their role therefore, of ensuring electoral justice, is of critical importance.”

Ntuane, who has been tipped by many through social media to step up and take the role of Secretary General, said that he has been in discussions with some non-state entities with a view of joining their roster/database of resource people.

He explained that the feedback he received was that on account of his political track record gained over the years, he did tick many boxes required for some of the roles.

“However, the major stumbling block is that to safeguard credible election observation, these organisations insist on utilising personnel not involved in active party politics. As a serving central committee member of the ruling party, my occupation of the position hinders my prospects of deployment by non-state entities in question, this notwithstanding my level of expertise and experience.”

He also added that the president gave him his blessings.

Meanwhile, the BDP SG, Mpho Balopi, dismissed having had a hand in the recent resignations by members of the Executive Committee. There have been accusations that Balopi was failing the party and there has been calls for him to step down.

Balopi, however, denied the allegations, saying that all those who left did so for their personal reasons.

A few weeks ago, the party’s Executive Secretary, Merapelo Moloise, resigned from her position without giving reasons for her decision.

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