CONCERNED: GCC Councillors

GCC fails to meet target for the programme employees
Gaborone City Council (GCC) is running short of about 1000 labourers to be hired under Ipelegeng Programme.
Of the targeted monthly employment of 3 169 temporary labourers, the Council managed to hire an average of 2 100 since the poverty alleviation programme’s inception in the city in 2008.
This was confirmed during a special full Council meeting in Gaborone on Wednesday morning.
Although the council did note that low wages could be the cause of low workers, they noted that the introduction of additional two hours to make eights hours, as an effort to entice more workers had not helped at all.

Ipelegeng workers used to get P360 a month and on April 1 the money was increased to P400. It was revealed that the number of workers drops around winter.
An annual progress report tabled during the meeting however confirmed that a big chunk of the Ipelegeng budget has been spent and that most of the projects have been done.
“Since most of our projects are complete, we have diverted most of our groups to Grass Slashing which is a complete labour intensive project,” explained the deputy Town clerk during the presentation.
The report further revealed that more women than men continue to be enrolled under the programme. Of the 23 825 people who were engaged in the programme since the beginning of last year, 19 395 were females and just 4 430 males.

It was further noted that that labourers continue to come to work with children despite exposing them to accidents and health risks that come with the job.
According to the Council some of the Ipelegeng programme works include sweeping roads where there is continuous traffic and grass slashing.
The main objective of the Programme is to keep the city clean and the Council did note that, it includes litter picking, including in the dirtiest of places without the use of protective clothing.
However the Council management promised to buy the protective clothes and more equipment for the workers.


  1. “Ladies working in the night” make more money than that in a week.P400 per month? Each of these ministers on a daily basis and at any ginen time are carrying more than P1500 in their wallets just to entertain themselves in a day.I am not even going to mention limitless credit cards and benefits of credit at the banks. We are talking about our own citizen politicians in the same country where someone else is supposed to sweat for P400 per month. This is rediculous!!! So if government is serious about creating jobs for this cadre of workers, the payment has to be more attractive than that. The way I see it, this is just a way by government to silence the low social stratum and buy their vote at he end of 5 years.Be reasonable.Say at least P1000,00. You will see our people will srat looking healthier and take better care of their families. Batho ba a bopama batho ba Modimo. I read somewhere that, AIDS(ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME) is not only caused by HIV. There are many other causes among them, severe malnutrition. HIV is just another cause. So if you add the effects of the virus on an already weak starved person, the result is obvious disaster. So let’s think about this when we make decisions affecting our fellow citizens.