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No social media campaigns for BDP’s Bulela Ditswe

No social media for BDP during Bulela Ditswe

Botswana Democratic Party will no longer allow the use of social media for campaigning during the party’s primary elections.

When addressing the media yesterday, the party’s Secretary General, Mpho Balopi announced that the Central Committee will only allow house to house campaigns in the Bulela Ditswe campaigns.

He said that the party decided to bar social media platforms such as , Whatsapp groups, SMS, Facebook and any other social media because they fall outside the required house to system and also that those methods have created serious problems in the past.

“Social media created problems in the past leading to some members being suspended and expelled from the party because of the onslaught on other party members, so rather than always suspending and expelling them we had to put some mechanisms in place.”

Balopi however said that as a party they acknowledge the existence of social media.

He said that for a long time they have been encouraging their members to desist from abusing it.