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No sex for road contractors

No sex for road contractors
SAY NO: Mokaila addressing Makobo residents

Mokaila warns women against romantic relations with road workers

Minister of Transport and Communications Kitso Mokaila has warned women in the Shashe West constituency to be on their guard with the imminent influx of men coming in for the construction of the Makobo-Mathangwane road.

The villages of Makobo, Shashemooke, Natale, Mandunyane, Chadibe and Borolong would soon be a beehive of activity with a scheduled construction of a linking road in March next year. The P750 million road is expected to employ a lot of men, both local and foreign who the minister warns may prey on unsuspecting women.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Makobo this morning Mokaila appealed to parents to talk to their young daughters and advise them to take good care of themselves.

“These men will be here for a very short time and upon completion of the road they’ll be heading back to their respective villages,” Mokaila said to the amusement of Makobo residents. In his element, the Minister said such love affairs rarely last.

A Makobo resident Pule Letshwenyo shared the Minister’s sentiments and pleaded with women not to dump their village partners for the contractors.

“Families are definitely going to be broken apart and by the time the project finishes a lot of damage will already be done,” he said.