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No political bias at PCSBE-Guma

No political bias at PCSBE-Guma

Parliamentary Committee on Statutory Bodies and Enterprises (PCSBE), chairperson, Samson Moyo Guma says his committee will not entertain political partiality when investigating maladministration and abuse of office in parastatals and government departments.

Speaking at the victory celebrations of Maun East Member of Parliament, Kostantinos Markus in Maun last weekend, Moyo Guma said his committee will not consider political affiliation of accused officers but will deal with matters at hand, using information provided.

“There are no friends and associates once I put on my hat as the chairperson of the committee. If your dealings raise eyebrows I will take up the issue and file a report with the Speaker of Parliament,” he said in apparent reference to his fellow parliamentarians.

Guma who is also BDP legislature for Tati East Constituency made it clear that PCSBE are the eyes of the nation and not of certain people.

“You know that I was also investigated after reports that my associates and I were engaged in corruption, that’s how it should be because the law does not consider who you are, if I am corrupt I should be investigated and sent to jail, he said”

Moyo Guma recently led an onslaught on Tourism Minister, Tshekedi Khama and Botswana Tourism Organisation officials when they appeared before the committee to answer for maladministration and abuse of funds charges.

On a different matter but still at the celebrations, Moyo Guma said the BDP must not rest on its laurels of being in power for over 50 years as the country is facing a number of challenges which need immediate attention.

He said the country was currently grappling with high unemployment and liquidity challenges.

Meanwhile Guma indicated that they are currently discussing on how they can tackle issues of unemployment and poverty affecting the country at the ongoing National Development Plan 11.