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No nights with Maxy!

No nights with Maxy!

Can the promoter of One Night with Maxy festival come out and tell us what to do with the tickets that we long bought back in winter – P200 is a lot of money, especially on Shaya’s wage!

Anyway, I’m sure you all remember the hype back in early August as revelers were set for the Kalahari Meets the Universe show which was to bring the likes of Freddie Gwala, Johny Mokhali, Mafitlhakgosi, Banjo Mosele and Mungu Africa at Tlotlo Conference Centre before it was postponed to a later date.

The later date never materialised and Medumo Entertainment has gone quiet on the next date.

Please Mr Show Organiser, we are trying to work out our festive schedule; either you refund us or you hold the show month end.

Don’t find yourself in Shaya’s bad books – trust me, it’s not somewhere you want to be!