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No more deadwoods but dead machines


Money Matters

The value of money is normally weighed vis-à-vis the service received, or expected service. Believe me, Government is not excluded from list of businesses because it is the biggest franchise.
I lost my driver’s license, Omang and everything else in the wallet. Normally, we ladies have everything in there! So you can imagine I have to do everything all over again.
My first item on my to do list was my drivers license and I realized that I should have probably taken a month off work to go and sort it out.
I am not sure what our taxes are being used for if there is no paper at Department of Roads, the camera did not work, and the eye machine does not work too at their Water Affairs Head office branch.
I have heard that our tax money is used to build roads too but just look at the potholes. I think a lot of people must be thinking the same thing. Where does it really go?  I am getting tired of the mumbo jumbo big NDP10 plans and political slang.
Let’s bring it to basics please. Is there a number I can call? Something like the Zuma Hotline? Did I mention that the Fairgrounds Mall Branch was closed because the building is infested with rats? That’s why I ended up at the other one. I expect government to look into these unacceptable shortages carefully.
Whilst preparing to go deal with the license issue, I had to report the matter to the police. I walked into the Central Police station and their photocopier had ‘died’. They casually explained that it has been ‘dead’ for a while.  I had to go and buy an affidavit at some sphaza shop in the mall.  This is a government document and it is being sold for Bwp5.00. When you look at it on the other side of the coin some SMME is making a killing and I guess it’s true when they say that there is an opportunity in every set-back.
When I finally got served at the Maruapula testing centre, yes you guessed right! The photocopier problem came up. This time the officer in charge had to go for a full 10 minutes looking for a copier that works.
Where does the money go? Actually the problem seems to have shifted from the bad service by staff to systems and infrastructure failure. I must admit that the Government employees I encountered, from the police to transport officers, were extremely helpful. No longer faces, no more walking around slow because of the myth that ‘there is no hurry in Botswana’.
The service has improved but the photocopiers are not working! Systems are not working. They have no photocopying papers. What is going on? Let’s see value added tax. Literally.


  1. its a pity many of us are sleeping on our jobs. We cant even report a broken photocopy machine. Who’s resposible for these departments? They need to be given a wake call, ba lese go tlhola ba akentse moraka, and make sure their departments are upto date