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No love lost

No love lost
FRIENDSHIP GONE SOUR: Mnangagwa and Chiwenga

Looks like the ruling Zanu PF has once again been dogged by division.

Indeed if current happenings are anything to go by, then we are headed for interesting times in terms of politics.

As in the past, it’s the President versus his deputy. There has always been talk that Vice President Constatino Chiwenga feels much more powerful and superior to his senior since he aided his rise to the top while still the army boss.

Emmerson Mngangagwa on the other hand is trying hard not to tolerate nonsense from Chiwenga and always stamps his authority, at least where he can, behaviour which has seemingly caused a serious rift in the presidium.

Unfortunately, while these elephants fight, it is us the ‘grass’ that suffers as is happening now where basic commodities have either disappeared from the shelves or are way beyond the reach of many.

While they may be other factors that have led to the current problems of high commodity prices, it appears the fights at the top triggered everything, because it’s all about eating or controlling the national purse.

It seems the two are now working against each other with Chiwenga now striving to ensure things get tougher so that Mnangagwa comes across as a failure and an unworthy leader.

According to reports, the man at the centre of it all is fuel mogul, Kudakwashe Tagwirei.

Tagwirei, now known as the Queen Bee, whose oil company is the biggest in the country, is apparently very close to the presidium.

Unfortunately for Mnangagwa, he is loyal to Chiwenga.

His company literally has the monopoly in the fuel industry and gets preferential treatment from the reserve bank in terms of foreign currency allocation.

It is this monopoly, which has been going on since 2015, that Mnangagwa apparently wants to end as he works towards fighting corruption that has resulted in more friction between him and Chiwenga.

The latter seemingly wants the monopoly to continue because the more his ‘boy’ makes the more he also gets as a token of appreciation.

However, Mnangagwa’s special advisor and war veterans leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa came out guns blazing on Sunday, vowing to clip the wings of this Queen Bee so that more players are brought into the industry for fair competition and steady flow of fuel into the country.

Media reports suggest that global companies have long wanted to invest in the oil industry here but Tagwirei, using his financial muscle, has always blocked this investment so that his company remains in charge and he continues ‘gorging’.

So with Mutsvangwa breathing fire on behalf of Mnangagwa and promising to destroy this fuel cartel which involves Chiwenga, we know that in the coming days we will be treated to some verbal drama from the outspoken was vet, who never seems to have anything to lose.

But as mentioned, the sad part is that while they bicker, it is us the women and men in the street who suffer.

By the way, those in the know say Uncle Bob is enjoying the trouble at the top and the current economic woes as he feels vindicated that he wasn’t really the problem after all as we continue to struggle even without him in the picture.


  1. One has to look at the bigger picture it look back 37years ago how everything started.
    The person at the top was once the VP of the old man and held other positions
    one should remember how the suffering ordinary people died from the cholera epidemic just to name this amongst the other things that the administration under the theiveing old man failed to address
    Picture this television clip beamed across the globe when the old man declared Zimbabwe is Mine
    and as one leading acadmic put it the “bus has not changed except for the driver” the thieving old man is part of the problem

    Rule no 1 Never start a paragraph with “By the way, ”


  2. There should also be HONESTY that governments are not dealing with Corruption and Human Rights Abuses including Regional Organisations like SADC it is only the private NGOs or private Human Right Organisations that are trying to resolve the issues that is why it is the duty of the media who should report on these issues without fear as the ordinary people depend on the media to resolve issues to let them know what is happening

  3. There should be honest from governments and regional organisations like SADC that they are not dealing with the Refugee/migrants on the continent in a proper manner and where they are conflicts

    As it is the norm it is the private NGOs both regional and international and private organisations that are there for the refugees/migrants to render whatever assistance they require. Once more it is the duty of media to report on the issues affecting Refugees/migrants without fear

  4. This is a very interestiing article
    “Gaddafi’s son engages lawyer to challenge detention
    November 8, 2018

    An adopted son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Abhallha Mone Moussa Moummare has engaged a local lawyer to challenge his continued detention at Harare Remand Prison where he has been held for five years without trial.


    Top lawyer, Charles Warara yesterday confirmed that he had been engaged by Moummare to challenge his detention after he fled the oil-rich country at the height of a civil war in 2011.

    “Yes, I have been engaged to assist him to seek legal recourse as he had been on remand for many years and whatever his case is, it should come to an end,” Warara said.

    Gaddafi was deposed from power and killed in 2011 after the popular Arab Spring uprising which swept across the North African Arab region.

    In July this year, Moummare approached the High Court on a self-representation basis challenging his continued detention.

    “I have requested that he be brought to the High Court today, so that I could talk to him and be able to represent him with a full understanding of his case. I have not yet talked to him other than seeing his papers that narrate his case. I will need to get his word so that we can get on the matter,” Warara stated.

    According to his handwritten High Court application, which was then forwarded to Warara for legal assistance, Moummare said he came to Zimbabwe because his father had a good relationship with the country’s leadership.

    “I left Libya after the assassination of my father in 2011 to seek asylum and protection in Zimbabwe due to the good relationship between Libya and Zimbabwe,” he wrote in the application.

    Moummare said when he arrived in the country in April 2014, he presented himself to authorities with the hope that he would be taken to a refugee camp.

    But instead, he was taken to the remand prison and no charges have been levelled against him so far.”

    His late father is reportedly have bought property (vast tracks of land) in the country using Libyan state money and now he is deceased who knows about the existence of the property
    Nothing has been heard of his family- wonder if the thieving old man knows something and is keeping it a secret and why has this person being kept in a remand prison for 7 years