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No good news
No good news


It’s a season to be jolly and I wish I could write something good about my country but no positive vibes seems to be coming our way.

Despite promises of economic turnaround and better living conditions, the new dispensation as they call themselves seem to have done more harm than good in a very short space of time.

And the sad thing is that we seem to be sinking deeper into the mud while the government continues to turn a blind eye to the situation. Of course those in power and people around them are not feeling the pinch as they have the dollar power and can get anything they want anytime.

What is annoying though is that while the situation on the ground is clear for all to see, the government through the state media unashamedly lies that all is well.

Fuel queues throughout the country are stretching for more than a kilometre yet on Monday, the state owned Herald had a bold poster screaming; ZIM HAS ENOUGH FUEL: GOVT.

If the country has enough petrol and diesel, why then are motorists scrambling for fuel or spending long hours in queues and why are filling stations limiting the quantities?

Most filling stations no longer allow filling up of tanks so that most people can get the little that is there, yet the government wants us to believe that all is well, what an arrogant lot!

Of course one cannot blame the state media because they cannot go against the master but surely such headlines, which are blatant lies are just infuriating.

No wonder junior doctors at public hospitals have downed tools again, for the very same reasons that they advanced in their last industrial action; poor working conditions, lack of basic drugs and of course low salaries.

I really can imagine the frustration of these doctors as our public hospitals have virtually no basic drugs or clinical sundries.

A close relative was admitted at one of the major public hospitals in Bulawayo a few months back for a minor surgery to remove fibroids and we had to buy everything for the procedure to be carried out including drugs for the pain afterwards.

My heart went out to people with a condition similar to hers and in need of the surgery but no money to buy what is needed.

With no means to buy the needed medical stuff, they just live with the pain and the discomfort until they die yet under normal circumstances such procedures can be carried out without any hassle.

On a different but yet another sad note, the skies are not helping our sorry situation either as there hasn’t been any meaningful rains so far for people to start ploughing.

With most people dependant on subsistence farming including those in urban areas, if we have a poor rains this farming season the going will be extremely tough for the majority considering the already hard times we are going through.

But as a hopeful lot, we pray that the heavens smile on us.


  1. Very disheartening that International Television around the GLOBE are showing that the Cholera epidemic is still spreading while there is a shortage of drugs . The hospital shown is apalling the blankets that the patients are using is SHOCKING AND UNACCEPTABLE The walls of the hospital look FILTHY how are patients expected to recover in a FILTHY HOSPITAL . The epidemic is still spreading like wild bushfire and it is UNACCEPTABLE in this century – It shows that priorites are not met for a very long time possibly 37 + years and an article is showing the elite in government receiving TOP OF THE RANGE VEHICLES ??? ONLY WORDS THAT CAN THINK OF THIS IS SHOCKING , APPALLING AND VERY UNACCEPTABLE This country is a graveyard where many will lose their lives because of sheer NEGLECT

  2. SADC organisation including the Chief Executive of SADC have BLOOD of the INNOCENT on THEIR HANDS for not dealing with issues that theyshould be dealing with including the REFUGEE issue inthe REGION

  3. And this is a latest article on a Thief, Murderer, Dictator who neglected his people and this happens the CURRENT Government is picking up the tab for his holidays HOW DISGRACEFUL AND DISGUSTING. He and HIS FAMILY CANNOT EVEN HOLIDAY ON THE CONTINENT TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE . wHY IS THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT PICKING UP THE TAB THE MONIES COULD BE USED FOR THE ORDINARY CITIZENS??

    “Zimbabwe: Just Back From Singapore, Mugabes Off to Far East Again for Annual Holidays

    Former President Robert Mugabe and his are family are expected to leave the country shortly for their annual break in the Far East, it has emerged.

    The government would, as ever, pick up the tab, our sources said this week.

    While in power, Mugabe hardly took his annual holidays at home, usually leaving Harare in December and returning in February before his birthday celebrations.

    Singapore – where he would also travel regularly for medical treatment – became a favourite bolt-hole after he was banned from Western capitals over allegations of rights abuses and electoral chicanery.”

  4. SADC organisation including the Chief Executive of SADC have BLOOD of the INNOCENT on THEIR HANDS for not dealing with issues that theyshould be dealing with including the REFUGEE issue inthe REGION AND HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES IN THE REGION THEY ARE A FAILURE

  5. This is anoter piece in an article to show the failure of SADC that while a country taken over by a MILITARY COUP and the issue the Government is ignoring- surely it is the duty of SADC to persue this matter it just shows the amount of USELESS PEOPLE because those who are making the decisions are SUPPORTING THOSE WHO HAVE DONE WRONG. SADC IS IGNORING THIS BY NOT PUTTING PRESSURE THE WAYIT JUST IGNORED THE MILITARY COUP

    “The 10 farmers are among an estimated 4,000 white farmers who lost their land to land grabs in the neighbouring country over the past two decades. The amount of R1.9 billion is based on the lost value of their properties and the trauma associated with it.

    They, and another 68 farmers, won a Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal case in 2009 that ordered the Zimbabwean government under then president Robert Mugabe to compensate them and to end the theft of land. The tribunal, headquartered in Windhoek, Namibia, ruled that Zimbabwe had violated SADC treaty law, but the Zimbabwean government simply ignored the ruling.

    Zimbabwe is a SADC member, as is South Africa.”

  6. With worst is for Leaders (including those that work for SADC ) on the Continent using INTERNATIONAL PLATFORMS to TELL THE WORLD that ALL IS WELL in their regions when in actual fact ALL IS NOT WELLwhen it comes to their citizens WHETHER IT BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE SEEN AS GOOD DOERS AND PORTRAY A GOOD IMAGE OF THEMSELVES WHEN IN ACTUAL FACT THEY ARE NOT

  7. Questions need to be raised about SADC and its Chief Executive on why they did not do anything when this former President who is still being pampered by the Government whilst the people are neglected a thief, murderer dictactor and is still being pampered like an EGG also why they allowed aCOUP to happen and why they do not question Human Rights Abuses and theissue of Refugees in the REGION

  8. The other issue is the Commission of Inquiry that should have been appointed by SADC and NOT the Government in question -presumably it is too much work for the LAZY people employed by SADC how on earth is one going to know the REAL TRUTH if This Commission of Inquiry was not appointed by SADC ??

  9. And one the Drunken sons of this old thief, Dictator, murderer who neglected his people is being shown splashing champagne on a very very expensive watch in an article these spoiled brats should be made to visit a Refugee camp to see how people are struggling or do something charitable

  10. The issue could be that on this Continent when someone from the Elite Upper Class do wrong they get away with it or the law turns a blind eye to it – this should not be so they must face justice like everyone else.

  11. This Drunken Spoiled Brat of this Old thief, Dictator, Murderer should be taken to a place that was messed up by his father and see how people are struggling to make ends meet.

  12. In another Development shown on television stations around the Globe – This will be testing Ground that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW WHERE EVER THEY ARE .

    While the Drunken Son is splashing Expensive Champagne on his Expensive watch the eyes will be on his Mother who has beaten up not only the model but a Photographer who caught her red handed doing dodgy deals in the EAST

    “South Africa Issues Arrest Warrant for Grace Mugabe

    Former First Lady Grace Mugabe faces arrest for the 2017 savage assault of a South African model Gabriella Angels after she found her partying with her sons in the neighbouring country.

    South African right-wing lobby group AfriForum announced Wednesday that a warrant of arrest had been issued for the arrest of former President Robert Mugabe’s wife.

    The warrant was issued by the country’s National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

    “We can report that the warrant of arrest has been issued for Grace Mugabe,” said AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel.

    “It seems that justice is going to take place and we are looking forward to this matter going forward.”

    In July, AfriForum won a High Court application to review and set aside the government’s decision to grant Grace diplomatic immunity.

    The South African government accepted the court ruling declaring the diplomatic immunity as invalid. The matter was then referred back to the NPA.

    “The conferment of diplomatic immunity on [Mugabe] is null and void, as the court has decided. We leave it to the NPA to see the way forward‚” international relations and cooperation minister Lindiwe Sisulu said in August.

    Grace assaulted Engels at a hotel in August last year. The former First Lady claimed that she was acting in self-defence.

    Angels was left with a deep gush on her forehead before Grace slipped out of that country.

    More to follow …”

  13. What a DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY WHO SHOULD BE LEADING BY EXAMPLE . That Spoiled Drunken Brat cannot learn anything from his mother beause she is not setting a good example to them while she BEATS UP PEOPLE AROUND THE GLOBE LIKE SHE IS THE QUEEEN OF THE WORLD


    ” Millionaire Grace Mugabe leaves workers on her farm without pay despite luxury

    By Peta Thornycroft | The Telegraph |

    Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s millionaire former first lady forced forced from power in last year’s coup, has not paid her farm workers for months despite living a luxury lifestyle paid for by the state she and her husband once ruled, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

    Workers on the Mugabes’ network of Zimbabwean farms – several of which were appropriated from white farmers – said they had not received salaries for three months.

    Robert and Grace Mugabe have a vast property portfolio in Zimbabwe and South Africa worth more than £50 million. Despite being ousted last year, the Zimbabwean state still spends millions flying the couple by private jet for medical treatment in Singapore.
    Related Articles

    Zimbabwe says ‘no need’ to extradite former first lady Grace…

    Zimbabwe’s government also said this week that it would not extradite Mrs Mugabe, 53, to South Africa, which issued an arrest warrant on Wednesday for allegedly attacking a 21-year-old model with an electrical extension chord in a Johannesburg hotel last year.

    Mrs Mugabe is deeply unpopular in Zimbabwe, where she was seen by many as a free-spending, greedy, aloof and arrogant puppet master operating in the shadows behind her husband. Known as Gucci Grace, her excessive spending – including on Rolly Royces – was shamelessly flaunted while millions went without basics amid grinding poverty.

    However her 94-year-old husband, who can reportedly no longer walk, still has many supporters among the people and in the government. Zimbabwean officials are unlikely to move against Mrs Mugabe while her husband is still alive.

    South African prosecutors allege that Mrs Mugabe burst into a hotel room where her sons, Robert Mugabe Jr, 26, and Chatunga Bellarmine, 21, were drinking with Gabriella Engels, a 21-year-old model.

    Mrs Mugabe allegedly struck Ms Engels with a power chord, leaving her with injuries to her forehead and to the back of her head, as her sons looked on. She faces up to two years in prison if convicted on charges of grievous bodily harm.

    South African police allowed Mrs Mugabe to leave the country, which had become the base for her second home, after the incident when she claimed diplomatic immunity. Her diplomatic status was revoked by a South African court this summer following last year’s coup d’etat which forced the Mugabes from power.

    Energy Mutodi, Zimbabwe’s deputy information minister, said his country would view any attempt to extradite Mrs Mugabe as “harassment”.

    “We will not smile on any attempt to embarrass‚ ill-treat or diminish the image of former president Robert Mugabe or his immediate family members,” Mr Mutodi said. “An attack on Grace Mugabe is an attack on the former president…our founding father and liberation icon and his misery is undesirable to us.”

    Emmerson Mnangagwa, Mr Mugabe’s replacement as Zimbabwe’s president, pledged to continue supporting the Mugabes’ generous pension package which includes healthcare for both of them in Singapore.

    The couple dislike commercial travel and so Mr Mnangagwa hired private jets several times this year which flew Mr and Mrs Mugabe directly from Harare to Singapore’s exclusive Gleneagles Hospital.

    The medical treatments and travel cost Zimbabwe at least £25 million this year, when the state cannot afford to import basic medication for public hospitals and most state medical staff, including senior doctors, are on strike over poor wages.

    Sources close to Mrs Mugabe in Singapore told The Sunday Telegraph she “spends money like water”. They say the Mugabe cash is held outside the country.

    Mr Mugabe bought a farm in 2000 but went on to seize a further four adjoining properties from which white farmers, who were expelled without compensation. They employ around 100 workers across 12 farms.

    The state ran the farms for the Mugabes and also secretly bought Zimbabwe’s most successful dairy in 2003 for Mrs Mugabe from a white farmer. She invested heavily in the dairy, but it has never yet covered its costs.

    Most of their rural assets and the two expensive schools built by Mrs Mugabe on appropriated land are no longer fully operational since Mr Mugabe was ousted from power in last November’s coup.

    Farmers told The Sunday Telegraph they were hoping Mrs Mugabe would pay them by Christmas Eve.

    “We are worried for the last months, but we got a message will be paid next week, on December 24,” said one worker.

    Mrs Mugabe and her associates, and the Zimbabwean government, declined to respond to requests for comment this week from The Sunday Telegraph.”

  15. In a CIVILISED COUNTRY this would not happen this woman whould have been hauled before the Courts to face justice .

  16. This thieVING woman like her husband is reportedly to be worth 50 Million US$ and it could be a possiblity that some of the money could have been embezzled from State Coffers and she cannot pay her workers – in a CIVILISED COUNTRY she would be charged for MODERN SLAVERY


    1. There is Dire poverty and severe economic meltdown in the COuntry
    2. This woman is beating up people NILLY WILLY
    3. This woman’s workers are going UNPAID when she is swimming in alot of money
    4. There has been a Military Coup in the Country which SADC seemed to turn a blind eye to
    5. The Commission of Inquiry into disturbances in the country duing elections was not appointed at REGIONAL LEVEL
    6. With the assistance of the Tribunal The Farmers were supposed to compensated in 2009 and this has not been done by the Government
    7. The organisation overseeing the region is not dealing with CORRUPTION IN HIGH PLACES ??

    US$ 50million could do alot for the ORDINARY PEOPLE

  18. What sort of country uses EXPIRED DRUGS for its citizens while this thieving woman and her husband are given FIRST CLASS TREATMENT ABROAD including those in TOP POSITIONS ?

  19. “By Bernard Chiguvare

    But the cost of taking goods back rises over Christmas

    As Christmas approaches, Zimbabweans in South Africa are preparing to send groceries to families battling inflation at home.

    Inflation in Zimbabwe is running at nearly 21% a year according to the latest statistics from the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency.

    The 30 July elections after the fall of Robert Mugabe, who had ruled the country for close to four decades, were expected to bring a change to the economy. But six months later not much has changed for many households.

    Many Zimbabweans living and working in South Africa are members of grocery clubs to which they contribute all year round. The clubs buy groceries in bulk, taking advantage of special offers in supermarkets, and at the end of November or in the first week of December the groceries are shared out. Some consumers save for Black Friday and ask employers to release them earlier from work or they take a day off for shopping.

    Groceries often sent home include cooking oil, sugar, rice, and washing powder.

    According to Numbeo (a site where consumers around the world supply prices of goods), based on consumer information over the past 18 months, grocery prices were 26% lower in South Africa than in Zimbabwe.

    GroundUp found that the same 2-litre bottle of cooking oil cost R32.99 at Pick ‘n Pay online in South Africa compared to R40.86 in Pick ‘n Pay in Chiriedzi, 400 km south of Harare. (Prices are based on the current black market exchange rate on the streets of Harare of R10 to 2.2 Zimbabwean bond.)”

  20. This is what is happening when Health is one of the basic rights for all like clean water and proper sanitation this is an example where priorities are not right when wasting money on unnecessary items like chartering a plane for a thieving woman and her family who have messed up the country

    “Fears of Zimbabwe health crisis as row over doctors’ pay continues

    The government has suspended 550 medical staff and ruled the ongoing strikes over pay and conditions unlawful
    Global development is supported by
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Nyasha Chingono

    Patients wait to be treated in the casualty ward at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, 27 December, after the government suspended hundreds of doctors who had gone on strike.
    Patients wait to be treated in the casualty ward at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, 27 December, after the government suspended hundreds of striking doctors. Photograph: Aaron Ufumeli/EPA

    A month-long impasse between government and doctors over pay and conditions has left Zimbabwe’s health care system in a critical state, after the government suspended more than 500 medical staff last week.

    The government refuses to give in to the doctors’ demands and has ordered striking doctors to return to their posts.

    Acting president, retired general Constantino Chiwenga fired more than 550 doctors and radiographers on Christmas Eve over the strike which the government ruled as unlawful.

    Junior doctors in Zimbabwe earn just $329 a month, despite many years of training and study.

    Doctors are calling for increased monthly salaries and on-call pay, and for the government to address the shortage of medical supplies and equipment in hospitals.

    Since July, Zimbabwe has suffered an economic downturn, characterised by soaring inflation, a drop in standards of living and disposable income, worsening social services and an acute shortage of essential goods and services.

    The situation was worsened by the 1 August shootings in Harare, where six civilians died, in circumstances largely condemned by the international community.

    Under the rule of Robert Mugabe and his successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwean medical practitioners have faced harsh working conditions and stagnating pay.

    The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors’ Association (ZHDA) has vowed to continue with the strike until government meets their demands.

    Other junior doctors who have recently graduated from various medical schools have also vowed to refuse any employment offers from government, saying they cannot be employed under “duress”.

    Junior doctors expressed dismay at what they feel is the government’s lack of concern.

    Roseline Makaza said: “It is tough to be a doctor in Zimbabwe. You are forced to work inhumane hours. I’m on call every other day attending to patients, I’m a medical practitioner not a student. I graduated and I deserve to be treated with respect.

    “All I want is to plan my life. I can’t even plan my next move because what I am earning is too little to even take care of my family.”

    Due to the prolonged strike, junior doctors’ salaries have been frozen pending their return to work.

    The ZHDA is worried that the strike would further cripple the country’s health system.

    ZHDA spokesperson, Mthabisi Bhebhe said: “The demands that have been made by doctors have not been met and now the citizens and our patients are suffering the most.”

    Zimbabwe last experienced a prolonged doctors strike, which almost crippled the country’s health delivery system, in 2008 at the height of the hyperinflationary period.

    Another striking doctor, Wallace Hlambelo complained that he had nothing to show for the years of study, adding that he was still dependent on his parents.

    “I feel like I am overburdening my parents. The money we earn is not enough to take [care] of them,” he said.

    Chiwenga fired thousands of nurses in April after they too went on strike over poor pay and conditions. The nurses were later reinstated after mediation with nurses council.
    Since you’re here … “

  21. The queston are the people to care of these greedy legislators or the Doctors who must ensure the nation stays healthy

    Zimbabwe MPs demand 3 full-course meals plus dessert
    By reporter263 January 1, 2019 1 Comment
    Members of the House of Assembly have demanded that they be served three full-course meals a day, plus dessert while attending Parliamentary sittings.
    Norton independent legislator Temba Mliswa

    Norton independent legislator Temba Mliswa

    They also want Parliament to provide gym facilities or to pay membership and subscription fees for them at sports clubs for recreational purposes, including enabling them to play golf.

    The legislators said it was critical that they be served with sumptuous meals plus fruit salad and ice creams as dessert each time they attend sessions.

    The lawmakers said this recently in the National Assembly while debating the 2019 National Budget that was presented by Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube.

    The new demands are on top of requests the legislators have made such as demand for top-of-the-range Toyota Land Cruiser V8 vehicles, a raise in their allowances and pensions, among others.

    Making his contribution, Norton legislator Mr Temba Mliswa (Independent) said the current provision of lunch meals alone by Parliament was not enough.

    “You expect people to work yet they do not even get lunch when they are here. This budget must address our welfare. We are talking about having a world class Parliament, but we only have a one course meal and the dessert is an apple and a banana yet when we go out to other areas we get trifle, a nice fruit salad, custard, ice cream and all that. But, look at what we get here — a mere banana and apple! There is no soup.

    “The diet for Members of Parliament is important. Nutrition is important because when Members do not eat well, they do not function well.

    “So, it is important that the nutrition of the Members of Parliament is maintained for them to discharge their duties well,” said Mr Mliswa to wild applause from the floor across the political divide.

    “Mr Chairman, the Hon. Minister (of Finance) must understand that there is a programme called wellness. Wellness is the well-being of the Members of Parliament. They do not even have a gym where they can go to. They do not even have a sports club where they can go to and recreation is important for the mind. They are stressed in here. We have Members of Parliament that have died because of high blood pressure and stress that you know. So, how many more have to die before we rescue the situation. We must have a recreation club where we play golf or choose any sport that we want to partake in. We must be able to have world class gyms where we are able to train because when you are strong physically, mentally, it equally helps you.”

    Further, he said legislators should be given laptops or Ipads.

    “I want to talk about the role of the Members of Parliament and ICTs. Today we are in the ICT world – but we do not have Ipads. MPs do not have computers yet we are expected to follow global trends. You can see even at times Parliament does not even give us this Order Paper on time but, if we all have Ipads, we are able to take notes. This is the world that we are faced with at the end of the day and it is important that Parliament is capacitated in that way,” he said.

    In her contribution, Mashonaland West legislator Cde Goodluck Kwaramba (Zanu-PF) said Government should raise the amount of money for their vehicles so that they get better cars.

    “Whatever assignment has to be done in the constituency, the electorate expect our cars to carry out those duties. I am pleading with you to increase our allowances for us to get better cars to maintain our integrity and status,” said Cde Kwaramba.

    Hwedza North MP Cde David Musabayana (Zanu-PF) said legislators would end up moonlighting if Treasury did not pay them well.

    “We have a challenge in this August House and time and again, the Speaker is complaining about members who come and sit in the House for a few minutes. It is not their fault, it is because they are moonlighting, and they are trying to eke out a living,” said Cde Musabayana.

    Prof Ncube eventually agreed to increase the budget for Parliament before the National budget eventually sailed through.-“

  22. Do the countries in the region assist one another when there is a need the following is an article of a CANADIAN NOT AN AFRICAN ngo ASSISTING THOSE FACING STARVATION?????
    “Canadian Govt Feeds 2000 Starving Households In Binga
    January 4, 2019

    ABOUT 1 800 households in Binga are expected to benefit from a $500 000 emergency food assistance programme funded by the Canadian government through Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), a global non-profit making organisation.

    The project, which is a response to drought-related food insecurity in Zimbabwe, will provide emergency food handouts to the identified households for four months.

    MCC, which was allocated $469 833, is part of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which is a partnership of 15 church and church-based agencies that work together to end global hunger.

    Canadian Foodgrains Bank, with the support of the Canadian government, provide food assistance to people experiencing humanitarian crises around the world.

    The project comes at a time Zimbabwe is facing another climate change-induced drought. Government is on record saying the country faces another El Niño-induced drought in the 2018-2019 rainy season.

    Economic challenges are also expected to have direct and indirect impacts on livelihoods and food security in the country.

    The regional bloc, Southern African Development Community, last year warned members to brace for another season of normal to below-normal rainfall, amid indications that the region would again be affected by the El Niño weather pattern.”

  23. This country has spiralled in DEBT and at the same time riddled with CORRUPTION while 2000 people face starvation and the figures could rise ??? The vessesl cannot be paid what sort of country is this that cannot pay its debts

    Bread Shortages But 30k Metric Tonnes Of Wheat Held In Mozambique As RBZ Fails To Pay The Vessel
    January 6, 2019
    Aconsignment of 30 000 metric tonnes of wheat which was sourced from Lithuania by the Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) is stuck at Beira port in Mozambique after the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) reportedly failed to pay for the vessel.

    The vessel, docked at the Beira port two weeks ago, needs US$12,2 million before it can offload the consignment of wheat. The RBZ has only managed to pay US$2,5 million to the London-based supplier, Holbud Ltd.

    According to reports, the consignment is attracting daily demurrage charges of $17 000 pending receipt of full payment by the supplier whose charges will be passed on to GMAZ.

    Holbud recently wrote to GMAZ chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara expressing the company’s exasperation at the failure by Zimbabwe to pay for the consignment.

    “We are very disappointed as we have brought the vessel basing on various promises given to us and also given the fact that we have always been supporting Zimbabwe during tight situations like now. Please let us know at the earliest time when the balance payment will be made to us,” Holbud wrote.

    “We request you to come down to London, UK, on January 8, 2019 to discuss on the next shipment and how the payment will be made as we will not be able to make similar provision for future shipment as our bankers are very upset with the delay in payment.”

    Holbud is now the sole supplier of wheat to Zimbabwe after all the other companies cut off deliveries due to long delays in making payments.

    Contacted for comment, GMAZ spokesperson Garikai Chaunza said the association was in the process of engaging the central bank and the government over the issue.

    “As I am speaking now, the chairperson [Musarara] is engaging with Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya and Industry and Commerce minister Mangaliso Ndlovu over this urgent issue,” he said.

    “He [Musarara] is also having marathon discussions with the supplier [Holbud] abroad and it is our hope that RBZ will do the needful. We will give further updates once these discussions are over.”

    The country imports wheat to augment the local cereal which alone does not make good bread.

    Bread manufactured by local bakers has 50% hard (imported) wheat.”

  24. This the latest from a chinese newspaper about the Mugabes

    ” Hong Kong & China
    Tai Po villa, occupied by wife and daughter of Zimbabwe’s former president, sold in Hong Kong for a 15 per cent loss
    House 3 of JC Castle in Tai Po sold at HK$34 million to an unidentified buyer The villa, measuring 2,761 square feet, sold at a 15 per cent loss compared with its 2008 purchase price of HK$40 million

    Updated: Tuesday, 8 Jan, 2019 6:27pm

    Tai Po villa, the Mugabes’ former Hong Kong abode, sold for a loss

    JC Castle, developed by the Emperor Group, at 18 Shan Tong Road, Tai Po A luxury villa previously occupied by the wife and daughter of Zimbabwe’s former strongman Robert Mugabe – itself the subject of a dispute in the Hong Kong courts –has been sold for a 15 per cent loss, according to sales agents.

    House 3 of JC Castle has been sold for HK$34 million (US$4.3 million), a loss of 15 per cent from its 2008 purchase price of HK$40 million, according to Century 21 Deluxe Home Property, which handled the transaction. The agency did not identify the property’s buyer.

    The villa’s seller, identified as a foreigner, “is not living here,” said the agency’s director Thomas Lo. “A loss is unusual for this area.”
    House 3 at JC Castle seen in this file photo from February, 2009. Photo: Reuters
    House 3 at JC Castle seen in this file photo from February, 2009. Photo: Reuters

    The transaction may close the chapter on a long-running dispute in the Hong Kong High Court over the villa’s ownership.

    The villa was bought in 2008 by a company called Cross Global, and sold two years later at cost to its sole shareholder Hsieh Ping Sung, a Taiwan-born South African businessman and one-time Mugabe confidant.
    Mugabe’s government sued Cross Global and Hsieh in 2014 to claim ownership of the 2,761-square foot villa, claiming “100 per cent beneficial” ownership of it, saying that the businessman had merely been holding it on trust. The former president’s second wife Grace, and their daughter Bona, had been staying in the villa since 2008 while the latter attended City University of Hong Kong under an alias.

    Mugabe, who was pushed out of his presidency
    in 2017, retains full diplomatic status, and a lavish retirement package that included a house in Harare, vehicles and 23 staff members, according to a Zimbabwean government gazette. While in power, Mugabe had applied to the Hong Kong courts to annul Cross Global’s 2010 transfer of the JC Castle villa to Hsieh.

    JC Castle, named in honour of action star Jackie Chan, was developed by real estate-and-entertainment tycoon Albert Yeung’s Emperor Group in 2002, comprising 26 villas clustered around three swimming pools.
    CEFC, the former private energy conglomerate owned by missing Chinese oligarch
    Ye Jianming, offered a villa for sale in March last year, bought for HK$16 million in 2015.

    A project called The Regent, developed by China Overseas Land & Investment, will be released for sale soon, marking the first launch this year for Hong Kong’s cooling home market. The first 324 units of the apartment project will launch for HK$10,688 per square foot after discounts of about 32 per cent from the other projects in Tai Po.

    The launch of The Regent would stimulate the neighbourhood’s luxury residential projects, Lo said.”
    What a crooked bunch of people the Mugabes are the daughter staying in the Villa under an Alias name while at University to hide their illgotten gains ??

  25. 9th January 2019
    In a latest article just to show how this Mugabe was a thief – while getting red carpet VIP treatment where he went with his entourage of wife etc. IF THE PERSON WAS A POOR PERSON WHO STOLE THE MONEY GOOD LUCK TO THEM AND SERVE THAT MUGABE RIGHT FOR NEGLECTING HIS PEOPLE BECAUSE OF HIS GREED

    Mugabe A Selfish Mentor Of Many In Today’s Zanu PF Leadership
    January 10, 2019

    By Precious Shumba| The story of US$150 000 being reportedly stolen from Robert Mugabe from his Zvimba rural mansion reveals that Zimbabwe’s political elites keep huge amounts of foreign currency stashed in their houses yet want the poor majority to bank the foreign currency so that they loot it and then use their reserved funds when the going really gets tough.

    Robert Mugabe will forever be Robert Mugabe- selfish and a mentor of many in today’s Zanu PF leadership.

    The foreign currency shortages are not caused by sanctions alone. They are directly caused by the greedy political vultures who believe that they alone should be in possession of foreign currency.

    They are prepared to take the foreign currency to foreign destinations so that they become very rich, while they pretend to be seriously concerned by industrialisation and modernisation in Zimbabwe. Thieves!”

  26. And this is possibly how they have managed to purchase properties out of the country and hide behind Immunity – This Immunity needs to be done away with in 2019

  27. In this latest article a Shipping Company is Threatening to BLACKLIST the country from importing containers because of failure to remit shipping fees- How long has this been going on for one has to go back THIRTY SEVEN years up to date to find out why debts have not been met by the Government – this country is in TURMOIL

    “Zim Blacklisted From Importing Containers Over Failure To Remit Shipping Fees
    January 11, 2019

    Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) SA (Zimbabwe) Pvt Ltd has threatened to block the release of containers for Zimbabwean importers over their failure to remit in excess of US$9,1 million in shipping fees, businessdigest has learnt.

    The fees, for facilitation of trade through sea freight transportation of imports and exports, have accumulated over time.

    In a letter addressed to Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Sifelani Jabangwe and copied to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe gleaned by businessdigest, MSC Zimbabwe said the impact of this will be a reduction in inflows and, by extension, outflows of approximately 5 000 twenty-foot units equivalent to 125 000 tonnes of freight.

    MSC Zimbabwe managing director Giorgio Spampinato said the continued failure by the central bank to acknowledge its key role in trade and to live up to its commitments has left the company with no option but to discourage the loading of Zimbabwe-bound cargo on its ships.

    “The Mediterranean Shipping Company SA Limited (MSC) hereby notify you that we are contemplating the possibility of halting the release of containers to Zimbabwean importers who have not paid for our services at origin as well as discouraging the acceptance of cargo destined for Zimbabwe aboard our ships worldwide. Our decision would be necessitated by the fact that despite numerous engagements with various offices at various levels, our efforts of settling amount due to our head office have been in vain and we remain unable to remit the long outstanding remmitable funds for services already rendered to players in your industry,” he said.

    “Our facilitation of trade through sea freight transportation of import and exports has resulted in the accumulation of unremitted funds amounting to nine million one hundred and three thousand and eleven dollars (US$9,103 111.00) due to our principal in Genève,” he said.

    MSC Zimbabwe is a wholly owned subsidiary of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland (MSC Global). It is the world’s second largest container shipping line, owning over 500 vessels.

    “We are your trade link to the rest of the world and in laymen terms one cannot talk of trade without giving any regard to the role that a shipping line plays within the trade chain,” he said.

    “In our bid to support economic growth as well as avert shortages of key commodities in the country, MSC Zimbabwe as agents of MSC Global have been collecting freight charges locally on behalf of MSC Global under the assurances that we would receive support to remit sea freight (fee) portion in its totality to the owners.”