Hours after he was declared winner in the just ended elections, there are still no wild cheers to celebrate President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory who narrowly won the popular vote against Nelson Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance.

Instead it was business as usual in Bulawayo as people went on their daily business.

The same situation was reportedly happening in Harare and most major towns.

His victory was declared just after midnight and one would have expected his supporters to wake up in celebrations this morning.

Even though urban areas are largely opposition strongholds, Mnangagwa still garnered some votes and one would expect his supporters to be celebrating but alas.

“Those who voted for Zanu PF made their choice but they will not be spared from our daily struggles. I still can’t believe we are back to square one (sic), this so sad, I might as well consider going back to my village,” said Ntokozo Moyo, an airtime vendor in Bulawayo.

“I will never vote again, what’s the point. Signs were there that Chamisa would win and now this, kubuhlungu (it’s painful),” said one Susan Hadebe.

Journalist, Zenzele Ndebele however said he was not surprised by the election out-come.

“What result do you expect when the opposition is fractured? They can complain all they can but the truth is that opposition leaders have themselves and their egos to blame. If they were united and organised we could be having a different story,” he said adding that as long as opposition parties remain divided, Zimbabweans should forget about change.

The MDC-Alliance however still maintains it won the popular vote and would be seeking redress in court.

Chamisa tweeted saying they would be releasing proof and evidence that he indeed won.

He lost to Mngangagwa by 313 000 votes.

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This party that has won have loud mouths on international television a former Deputy Ministerof Information in the old mans government called Bright Matonga tells the news channel that the opposition guy Grabbed (yes grabbed) the position and went on to say that the guy is selfish bad losers he should have step away for a minute and asked himself whoforced the old man out by force using the Military before saying things about others these foolish people like many others in positions are living on another planet Anyway the big question is who unleashed those soldiers onto unarmed protesters


Even the EU observers have said that the ZEC which is supposed not to take sides was taking sides with this party at times
The opposition do not run the country -who unleased those thug soldiers on unarmed protesters
While the votes are being counted and a delay encountered for the presidential election, the opposition party’s headquarters are raided all shown around the world


Six people have lost their lives to date -does this happen at free and fair elections??


““If, upon a request made by the Commissioner of Police, the Minister [of Home Affairs] is satisfied that any regulating authority [i.e. a senior police officer] requires the assistance of the Defence Forces for the purpose of suppressing any civil commotion or disturbance in any police district, he may request the Minister responsible for defence to authorise the Defence Forces to assist the police in the exercise of their functions under this Act in the police district concerned.” The section does not mention the President at all, and to the extent that it seems to give the Minister of Defence… Read more »


Back to Bright Matonga who was featured in an interview with a foreign Channel
Mr. Matonga is a ex Deputy Minister of Information in the Old mans government from 2005-2008
He says the opposition ar bad losers and the current leader of the oppostion is a DICTATOR AND SELFISH Goodness Graciious Mr. Matonga has served under the most selfish man on the planet and his former minister is calling others what the old man was a DICTATOR AND SELFISH


The latest incident viewed around the world The oppostion are wanting to set up a conference to say something Many Journalists arrive among many foreign journalists and they are confronted by the riot police in the capital and told to leave the place Then a Minister who is the current Minister of Information he served as the Ambassador to South Africa during the time of the old man He is called Mr. Simon K. Moyo and he confronts the riot police telling them that them that the opposition should be allowed to have the conference in view full of the… Read more »


Then afterwards everyone is having their bit including a former General now the Foreign Affairs Secretary whose face came on televisions around the world and said the following words when there was a coup
“we are targeting criminals around the President” how odd the old man has been removed by them why use these words
So on the he says that the person who has won the elections is in charge


Harare Violence Is Yet Another Wake Up Call For SADC August 3, 2018 0 3341 Share First, there’s the voting. Then, there’s the counting. But what happens next? This is the sad question now on everyone’s mind after the military was deployed to suppress post-election protests in Zimbabwe today. No-one wanted the answer to be gunfire, tanks and injuries. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) had announced a resounding parliamentary victory for the ruling party, Zanu-PF. But ZEC, as yet, has delayed the announcement of the presidential vote. The EU Observer Mission chief, Elmar Brok, reasonably commented that: “The longer it… Read more »


an after tought about the incident on the journalists
There was a journalist who staged a one man demo against old man about two years back in the heart of the capital his name was Itai Dzamara .
He was abducted and nothing is being said about him
Like the lady who was shown on foreign televisions around the world in Matabeleland holding the photo of a beloved relative who was part of the massacre and asking for the body ????


and now the vendors who wer told to stay on the streets by the Zanupf party have had their stalls destroyed by Soldiers ???


Who will be giving those who lost their loved ones assistance with funerals and finding out the truth? One of them is a mixed race person who has died??? Those lives lost cannot be brought back???????


” Army killings: Three victims laid to rest; one a Zanu PF supporter 5th August 2018 News Headlines By Seven people lost their lives in Zimbabwe on Wednesday, August 1, when the military opened fire on protesters in the streets of the capital, Harare. Opposition supporters had come out to protest the long wait for the election results, which they feared were being manipulated. At the weekend, friends and relatives of those who had died in the clashes gathered to mourn their loved ones. Draped in white lace and accompanied by mourners crying and singing, Sylvia Maphosa’s coffin was… Read more »