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No cash, no bail!

No cash, no bail!
CAMERA SHY: The four armed robbery suspects

Armed robbery suspects sent back to prison for failure to pay bail

Three suspected armed robbers who failed to stump up the requested P10, 000 for their bail were sent back to prison this week.

The trio, 37-year-old Samson Leatlame, Nonofo Ntinatshi, 31, and Innocent Moagi, 37, are accused of robbing Steel Galaxy in Phakalane’s Industrial area at gunpoint on the 5th of January.

In the direct lead up to the robbery, the men are said to have poisoned the company’s guard dogs.

Appearing before Broadhurst Magistrates Court, the suspects are facing five charges of robbery and a single charge of cruelty to animals.

The men were granted bail by presiding Magistrate, Gaseitsewe Tonoki, but saw their hopes of freedom dashed as they were unable to pay the ten grand bail charge.

A fourth man, 34-year-old Zimbabwean national Oscar Ncube is also implicated in the robbery and is facing the same charges.

However, unlike his co-accused, Ncube was not given a chance at bail.

The case’s investigating officer, Detective Senior Superintendent, Seargent Marapo told court Ncube was effectively an illegal immigrant as his passport was not genuine.

“We confirmed with the immigration office and found out the passport belongs to a Luke Ndoro. We sent a copy of the passport to Interpol Harare to also confirm the true identity of Ncube because we suspect it was forged,” said Marapo, adding that Ncube was not trustworthy as ‘he continued to commit a series of armed robberies while on bail’.

The latest incident happened whilst Ncube was out on bail for another robbery case, which occurred in 2016.

All four men will remain in the slammer until their next appearance in court, scheduled for 9 February.