Nkange serial killer strikes again

Notorious Gaddafi kills two people in Maitengwe –

Killer confesses to hacking his aunt to death

Just a little over a year after the cold blooded murder of 42 -year old Margeret Mathowa on New Year’s Day in Nkange, 26 year old Habana Million is back in the news.

This time around the serial troublemaker is accused of killing two people in Maitengwe last Wednesday.

Popularly known as ‘Gaddafi in Nkange, Million appeared for mention before Masunga Magistrate Tumelo Amos last Friday for two counts of murder.

Public Prosecutor Paphidzo Kuda told court that during late hours of May 16th, Million killed Tobokani Khumba (30) in Maitengwe and then on the same night or early hours of May 17th, he brutally murdered Mbi Maswabilili.

The latter was Gaddafi’s aunt.

According to Kuda, Million was rescued by the police as a mob bayed for his blood. Kuda pleaded with court to remand the killer in prison to save him from a hostile mob outside.

“The public is still in shock and may take the law into their own hands. The state also has the right to protect the accused person,” the prosecutor said.

The double murder occurs as Million was still on bail for the 2017 murder of Mathowa.

The young man also had a pending rape case when he lured Mathowa from a drinking spot in the early hours of the night on New Year’s day, and brutally stabbed her repeatedly with a knife and dragged her a few metres where he buried her in a shallow grave.

The Voice reached out to the Khumba family and talked to the late Mathowa’s sister.

The distraught Sianame Khumba (40) said she was alerted by her son in the morning that his brother was dead.

Nkange serial killer strikes again
DISTRAUGHT: Deceased sister Sianame Khumba

“I immediately rushed to the scene where I found a small crowd gathered around my brother’s cold body,” said the mother of three.

She said while they were still in shock news trickled in that an old woman was also murdered on the other side of the village.

“For some reason everyone suspected Gaddafi because the old woman was his aunt. His friends called him on this cellphone and a few hours later he was caught hiding at a nearby farm,” narrated Khumba.

She told The Voice that a mob led him to the Maswabilili yard where they demanded answers.

“He confessed in front of the bewildered onlookers that he hacked the old woman with a hoe, stuffed a towel in her mouth and then raped her as she breathed her last,” she said.

“He showed no remorse at all, and bluntly said he killed his aunt because she was a witch, “Mathowa further explained.

After a confession at the Maswibililis, Million was led to where the young Khumba’s corpse was lying where he confessed to killing him for a cigarette.

“He said he asked my brother for a cigarette and when he refused he grabbed him by the neck and strangled him. He graphically described how he inserted his fingers into his gaping mouth and pulled at his uvula,” she said with a little shake of the head.

“He’s a beast and an agent of Satan who deserves to die. I just hope he doesn’t get bail,” she said.

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