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New UDC constitution recognizes BCP as coalition partner- Saleshando

FILE PIC: Saleshando

The new Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC)’s constitution was on Friday submitted to the Department of Civil and National Registration for legitimacy of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) in the opposition coalition.

When addressing the BCP’s 10th National Conference in Bobonong, party President, Dumelang Saleshando, said that in the run up to the UDC constitutional congress, sharp differences emerged within the UDC. “The Botswana Movement for Democracy with its new leadership that was not in place at the time of the UDC negotiations, questioned some of the agreements that had been made. They did not recognise the draft constitution that had been agreed between the two parties and did not see the need for a congress.”

Saleshando said that the disagreements dragged on post the February congress resulting in the UDC National Executive Committee failing to convene on numerous occasions and consequently the congress resolutions not being implemented.

He said that there were also inordinate delays in the registration of the new UDC constitution which recognised the inclusion of the BCP in the UDC being registered. “Now as legitimate members of the UDC, we must however accept that the Umbrella is inundated with internal squabbles that do not allow it to perform at it its best.”

Saleshando said that exchanges between the leadership of the UDC are publicly known to have been anything but cordial.

He noted that there is no denying that the UDC is broken and needs to be fixed. “Though the trade unions have assisted UDC in the past, they have not formally served it with divorce papers, it is clear that the marriage is on the rocks.”