Ncube crazy videos go viral
TRIPLE IMPACT: 'Life of a Side Chick' cast

A media company based in Francistown is fast gaining recognition for its increasingly popular Facebook drama, ‘Life of a Side Chick’

The nine episodes released to date have garnered over 400, 000 views, catapulting Given Ncube Crazy Videos firmly into the limelight.

Formed in 2012, the small but ambitious multimedia business is run by 12 like-minded youths with various backgrounds in the entertainment industry.

The close-knit crew consists of actors, videographers, editors, cameramen, directors and sound technicians – all they are missing is a scriptwriter, which makes the success of ‘Life of a Side Chick’ all the more remarkable.

Talking to Voice Entertainment this week, the young shakers explained their hit series, which they started filming this August, was inspired by true-life, youth-based stories.

“We want to curb the epidemic of the side chick life. Our drama series follows the life of a side chick and the challenges such women go through,” highlighted Kabelo Mokgethi, a photographer at the company.

The films, which are recorded in and around the Francistown area, range in length from 10 to 20 minutes and have gained a cult following on Facebook.

Despite the production’s popularity, the group’s creative aspirations are greatly restricted by a lack of financial resources.

It was a point photographer Given Ncube, the man the enterprise was named after, was keen to make.

“We work on a low budget and sometimes it is very difficult to meet certain demands. We work on compromise and hustle – it is tough out there!

“If we were to get sponsorship we would do much better than just posting the videos on Facebook,” he said, urging both governments and non-government organisations to consider supporting them.

“This is a zero budget production and sometimes we fail to meet our cast’s expectations. Some members of the cast are new to the industry and hence have certain expectations,” continued Ncube, grimly adding, “We won’t make it alone; we need to work together.”

Ncube cites ‘passion’, ‘endeavour’ and ‘a love for what we are doing’ as the simple ingredients to Given Ncube Crazy Video’s success.

The energetic photographer has high hopes for the future of ‘Life of a Side Chick’, telling Voice Entertainment, “I would like to someday see our story playing continuously on various television stations, more especially our local television.”

The season finale was originally scheduled for release on the 13th of December but was delayed due to a complication with one of the scene’s venues.

The team hope to upload the last episode before the end of the year and are planning to begin filming the second series by the start of 2018.

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