SPEAKER: Kokorwe

Government last week recalled National Speaker, Gladys Kokorwe’s security detail in a move viewed by some as a veiled attempt to frustrate former President Ian Khama’s allies.

Kokorwe who is expected to return from her sick leave was reluctant to shed much light on the matter but admitted that the decision was taken on short notice.

Information reaching The Voice online indicates that the bodyguards were called last Wednesday and informed of the new development.

A highly placed source exclusively told The Voice: “All of them have been recalled. There was no notice given or any explanation to Mma Kokorwe. I mean, she is out on sick leave and they just dropped this bomb on her”.

Reached for comment Mma Kokorwe confirmed this move. She said: ” I was not made aware of anything. It was very short notice but I don’t want to talk about it, if I had known that it was you calling I wouldn’t have picked up the phone because I am not well.”

Pressed further to find out if it has anything to do with her relationship with Khama, Kokorwe hung up the phone.

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