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The nagging comic group on the rise



Tshepe Stars, a musical and comic group of four young but ambitious men is a fast growing one in Francistown.

Seeing them roaming the streets of Francistown with their faces painted white and dressed in shabby clothes, the members of the group have been dismissed by many as fools and ignorant.

They can force someone to buy a compact disc or their digital video disc (DVD) thanks to their persistence.

In a nutshell, the group was one of the few groups in the country which believe in hard work.

Without shame, the comic group toil the streets of Francistown under the scorching sun in a bid to sell their works.

And this has resulted in some music lovers buying simply because they sympathize with them while others do buy after being convinced to purchase after the contents of the materials have been fully explained to them.

But their nagging has resulted in their sales going up.

“Most people have now fallen with our music because we plead with them to buy until they fork out the money,” Molatedi Sebolao, the group leader told Grooving in the Ghetto with Shingirai Madondo.