The billing system used by Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) known as System Application Products (SAP) is said to be accurate and of integrity.

It is said that the system is internationally recognised and is used by utility service providers for customer billing and customer accounts management.

This was said by the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Kefentse Mzwinila when responding to Member of Parliament for Jwaneng- Mabutsane, Shawn Nthaile.

Mzwinila said that the accuracy of bills themselves and not the system may be influenced by factors such as the accuracy of the meter readings due to human error or malfunctioning of meters.

“The system tracks and keeps history of all transactions undertaken in it in real time and the transaction history is permanently kept, which is important in addressing queries. Only authorized users have secure access to specific transactions related to their duties.”

When asked about the remedies proposed to reduce the burden of paying such water losses, Mzwinila said that no technological systems are used for leakage detection in secondary and network lines. “WUC encourages the public to report such leakages whenever they are realised.”

He said that for losses beyond the meter, customers are encouraged to be vigilant and to always check if their meter is not moving when all their taps are closed.

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