My scars are my trophies
PROUD: Maroku

Author tells chilling stories of domestic violence

Life is a good teacher. This expression rings true for 33 year old Prince Douglas Maroku, a victim of rape and domestic violence.

Depressed and in a constant solo battle with his demons, Maroku decided to turn adversity into opportunity. He changed his traumatic experience into a moving story, his tears of pain decoded into a readable form to help those who may fall into the same trap.

The book “My scars my trophies” is a chilling read in which Douglas speaks out against domestic violence.

The author from Serowe told The Voice in an interview that often people get discouraged by challenges they face in life.

“Some shut down completely and in this book I share with readers how against the odds I managed to rise up. I had so many challenges from a that I went through at a young age.” Maroku talks of how he fought against domestic violence especially from his step father in 2007 at the age of 23.

“There was never a father-son relationship but we are working on it,” she adds rather sheepishly.

Maroku said healing from such a traumatic experience needs time, and that the victims first has to reflect and learn to let go.

“As time went on I decided to forgive all my tormentors,” he said.

As part of the healing process, he went for counselling at Life Line Botswana where he was assisted.

“It doesn’t matter what you went through or what you are going through, God will never forsake you, arise and shine, be the best you want to be,” Maroku said.

Now living by the motto ‘live tomorrow’ he ended the interview by further urging all victims and survivors of abuse to seek help and above all let their past be in the past.

The book is available at Lesedi Christian Centre and some shops in Francistown and Serowe at P150-00.

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