Often, talk of size, power and adrenaline is restricted to men and their toys yet women are as equally thrilled by the power they yield behind the wheels of their chosen machines.

We talk to two of these women as they share their love for big engines and performance.

Tebogo Ferguson Mokobi

She turns heads wherever she goes as many admire the mother of two who rides a Harley Davidson.

What a statement. “I feel like a kid in a candy store and blush like a 15- year- old each time I take my bike for a ride. I am just as excited as the time I got it.”

Tebogo Ferguson Mokobi finally succumbed to her love for motorbikes and decided to not be a spectator anymore but a rider.

The idea of one day owning a bike was one she had nurtured for a long time. In her own words Mokobi describes herself as “beautifully and fearfully made.”

“I live my life a day at a time, taking strides and living up to what makes me today. I live my today making it better than my yesterday. I live for love, happiness, peace and a good laugh. I am just a happy soul.

“If I had my way I would own a Range Rover V8, HSE and the VW GTI 4. They both offer me the different worlds of my personality, mature but fun. Mokobi admits to being safety conscious and would not let her children ride the bike. A motorbike is like any other automobile. One needs to learn how to drive it and be licensed. I went for riding classes and had to gain confidence to ride as I do now. It is also imperative to be kitted (right gear/wear) when riding. For instance a helmet and a riding jacket is not a statement but a necessity.

She does admit though that the look is compelling and often makes her feel on top of the world.

“I think I get how super heroes must feel at the end of each accomplished mission”.

To cater for the rest of her family Mokobi drives an Audi Q5.

“This car’s exterior attracted me from a distance. It is small enough to keep me chic but also big enough to cater for the family. My car represents my love for speed and smoothness. I love it’s curves whilst my motorbike represents my free spirit, risk taking attitude and love for my beliefs. It is such a joy to have the option of a car and motorbike.

Mokobi says her memorable ride was riding with other bike enthusiasts to Lobatse, Kanye, Thamaga, Moshupa, Gaborone, Mochudi and back to Gaborone.

“This was to raise funds for Abbie Ntshabele. It was my first time to ride with such a big group as I am normally a lone rider. The ride and the objective was a humbling experience. Asked who she would love to ride with Mokobi could not give an answer but chuckled as she seemed to put thought into the question.

She did however share her thoughts on the perception some have over “Men” and “Women” rides.

“No such exist. Our thresholds of curiosity, adrenaline and pain are different therefore there should not be any barriers on what one may drive/ride based on gender. One drives or rides what they choose influenced by so many things including use and affordability.

On safety, Mokobi believes that anyone who is vigilant and is mindful of other road users makes a good road companion. We part as I promise myself that one day I will be brave enough to ask for a ride.

The sight of a beautiful woman mounting her machine with such confidence and poise was truly a sight to behold.

Mathabo Ngwako

Family woman and mother of two, Mathabo Ngwako describes herself as an outdoor lover who opts for SUV’s to satisfy her preference of the outdoors.

“I enjoy the freedom and challenge that comes with being in open spaces. It affords me a chance to be a lot more relaxed and daring. Even though she lists Bentley GT Continental, Mercedes G63 and Mercedes GLE63 as her ultimate rides, she admits to being happy with her station wagon.

“It screams adventure and that is me. I love to travel and explore new territories and my ride has accommodated me and my family well. Ngwako shares her trip to Ghanzi in the company of her girlfriends as a memorable trip.

“My car was new and the long drive was just what we needed. It was a comfortable, fun, noisy and girly trip that reminded us of friendship, sacrifice and growth.

Ngwako says she enjoys her family time and trips with them are always fun as they get to bond.

“We get to learn so much about each other and have sing alongs to the music selection which is very important to us. My children are rather specific about their likes and we allow them once in awhile to take charge and show off their tastes. It makes for great company, when those you love are your preferred passengers. So I enjoy our time together.

Ngwako shares her love for cars with her son but says he is extreme as his preferences include super cars, the likes of Koenigsegg Agera and Hennessey Venom.

We come alive as we debate design and performance. It is a real treat to engage with my ten year old in this manner.

It is often said that big engines, revving and boisterous exterior of big cars are a men thing but Ngwako disagrees and says it boils down to taste.

“Men and women have varying tastes. Some drivers for instance prefer sedans whilst some are into speed and horse power. The important factor that makes a difference is safety on the road. Being courteous and accommodative to other motorists goes a long way in averting accidents. We can do so much more to have safer roads.

Considerations of adequate road signage and heeding road regulations can assist all to enjoy our roads

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