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Muzila decries patriarchy

Muzila decries patriarchy

Botswana has just come of age as a constitutional democracy based on progressive values that include freedom, human dignity, equality, non-racialism and non-sexism let alone economic development for every citizen.

Sadly, 50 years after gaining independence from the British protectorate, it remains far from being the paradise it promised to be for women with the inferior gender still feeling very second-rated in the society.

Francistown City Council (FCC) mayor Sylvia Muzila made this observation in an interview with The Voice following the ruckus that shook the council chambers and the country, as a whole during the recent past full council session.

The full council session which roared into life on May 29 and ended on June 2 this year culminated into an unprecedented legislatorial crisis with councilors trading barbs in the council chambers culminating in others walking out.

Muzila, the chairperson of the full council session literally lost the control of the house with councilors causing a chaos in the chambers while others hurled insults at the first female to ascend to the mayoral position in the City of Francistown.

The mayor was accused of failing to be proactive in as far growing the business prospects of Francistown.

Angry Kanana ward councilor, Cornelius Gopolang told Muzila in her face that she is not visionary.

Gopolang went to tell the mayor that she has dismally failed to drive the Francistown’s Vision 2022 into a reality.

Vision 2022 is a council’s five-year plan that envisions transforming the country’s second largest city into an investment destination of choice by the year 2022.

In addition, Tshwaragano ward councilor Gaone Majere pushed for a vote of no-confidence against Muzila to be tabled during the full council session. However, Muzila remained defiant and unabashed.

“Ke a itse gire ka ke mosadi ke nyadiwa go le kae mo khanseleng ya Francistown (I have since noticed that I am disrespected because I am a woman),” decried Muzila in an interview with The Voice.

She pleaded with the councilors to work hand in glove with her for the benefit of the city.

Muzila added: “It is no longer a secret that there are male civic leaders who are fighting tooth and nail to topple me. People on the streets are talking about the male civic leaders who are fighting to overthrow me.”

Specially elected councilor, Peter Ngoma is vying to reclaim the mayoral seat once more while Gopolang has positioned himself to deputize Ngoma, suggestions claim.

Muzila is convinced the suggestions are true to the core and these men wants to overthrow her.

“I know people (without stating names of Ngoma and Gopolang) have got their own agenda and I cannot stop it,” said Muzila, adding that the development is purely based on patriarchy and bias against women.

Muzila decried that a number of male councilors do not respect her and do not listen whenever she is calling the civic leaders to order.

She pleaded with the councilors to respect her as the mayor of the City of Francistown.