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Murdered for a sip of beer

Murdered for a sip of beer

A 40-year-old man was stabbed to death on Friday evening after he was caught taking a sneaky sip of another man’s beer.

It is believed that, in a drunken rage, the drink’s owner beat the victim with a burning log taken from a nearby fire, before fatally stabbing him.

A 33-year-old Zimbabwean has been arrested in connection with the death, which happened at a sheeben in Mmathethe village’s Goo-Tebogo ward.

Details of the incident are that the two men were sat drinking around a fire with other revellers when the argument started.

It appears the deceased – who is also thought to be of Zimbabwean origin – had been drinking a potent home-brewed beverage known as ‘Power’ but then took a sip from the other man’s 750ml Quart bottle, without asking for his permission.

It is a move that probably cost him his life.

Confirming the incident, Station Commander for Goodhope police, Superintendent Mogomotsi Kwapa, told The Voice, “The two were chilling at a certain place in Mmathethe where they unlawfully sell home-brewed alcohol.

Other revellers who were sitting around the fire reported that they did not hear the cause of the argument as the two men were speaking an unknown language.

“The deceased had difficulties in standing after the attack and fell on the ground.

He was later confirmed dead at the hospital,” Kwape said, adding that investigations into the matter are ongoing.