Murder most foul

Jealous man guns down ex girlfriend’s new lover

It started as a normal Monday morning with Tshiamo waking up early to prepare for her truck driver boyfriend’s trip.

And then her world came crashing down fast as her ex-convict boyfriend pounced on the couple and gunned down her boyfriend, Mareko John and wounded Tshiamo in full view of the Mogoditshane public.

With bandages covering an arm that was pierced by a bullet, Tshiamo re-lived her ordeal in an emotional interview.

She told of how her ex boyfriend, Tshekiso Tshogwane and the father of her three children had been to prison after he was convicted of armed robbery.

Tshogwane also has another previous conviction of attempting to kill the deceased earlier this year.

“After his first conviction, when he came back from prison I told him that I did not want to be with him anymore. I called my family, they met his and we officially broke up, we both moved on,” she said

Tshogwane’s new relationship according to Tshiamo must have ended as he abruptly came back into her life like a possessed and addicted lover.

“He would come to my house under the pretext of checking on his children. I was afraid of him so I let him, I just wanted him to see his children and leave me alone,” she said with tears welling up in her eyes.

When the ‘visits’ turned violent as they did sometimes, Tshiamo reported the matter to both her parents and the police.

Sometime in May the killer came to the Tshiamo’s house without prior arrangement and tried to kill Mareko with an axe.

This act landed Tshiamo at a women’s shelter for protection and the crazed man in court for attempted murder, which earned him a three –year suspended jail term for attempted murder.

“He managed to convince the court that sending him to jail, with me at the women’s shelter for protection against him would leave our kids homeless. They gave him a suspended sentence and a few lashes,” Tshiamo explained

She was also released from the women’s shelter after the murder accused again convinced the authorities that he was no longer a threat, as he would no longer harass Tshiamo because he had found another woman to marry.

This past Monday however after preparing for her boyfriend’s trip the two lovebirds sat down to have breakfast.

“Whilst I was having my coffee I suddenly heard a loud bang followed by the smell of something like a burnt metal. Then there was another bang and I ran inside the house while Mareko bolted outside the yard,” she said.

He opened fire and a bullet pierced through Tshiamo’s arm.

“Another shot followed but at this point I had fallen to the ground because of the pain so it missed me, I dragged myself in a pool of my own blood to another corner of the house,” Tshiamo said further adding that before the killer boyfriend left to look for Mareko with the riffle in his hand he instructed her to pack and be ready to leave with him when he gets back.

Tshwenyego is said to have chased Mareko to a neighbors house where he gunned him down in front of helpless onlookers.

According to eyewitnesses he shot Mareko five times and then disposed off the riffle and handed himself to the police.

Tshogwane appeared in Broadhurst Magistrate Court this Tuesday charged with murder.

The case continues on December 3rd when the state is expected to add more charges to Tshogwane’s charge sheet.

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