Mugabe now an enemy of the state
DOWNGRADED: Robert Mugabe

‘Pasi na Mugabe’ (Down with Mugabe) chanted Zanu PF youths at a recent gathering in Harare.

This was after it emerged that the former President had met and endorsed a decision by a former cabinet minister to quit the ruling party and form an opposition outfit because he was not happy with the way the former statesman had been removed from power.

Now that ‘Down with Mugabe’ songs are being sung, it suggests state officials and the ruling Zanu PF party consider former President Robert Mugabe an enemy.

This also means we will start to know details about him that we would never have been made aware of if he was still in power.

While we know some of the things that will be said about him are just meant to further soil his image, it will still be of interest to know.

And by the way, the state media now addresses Mugabe as Mr instead of Comrade meaning that he has been stripped off his revolutionary title.

All Zimbabwe war veterans, especially those in the ruling party, are referred to as comrade.

In all his political life, Mugabe has been a comrade but now that he has chosen to wine and dine with the opposition, he has been reduced to a mere ‘Mr’.

What this also means is that chances of him being buried at the National Heroes Acre, where some of the liberation war stalwarts are buried, are zero.

In fact, with the way things are going, he will be lucky to even get a state assisted funeral when he dies!

Already some war veterans are questioning his war credentials – yet all these years we have been told of Mugabe, the decorated liberation war hero who was imprisoned for more than 10 years for advocating for freedom.

He himself used to remind all and sundry how he sacrificed his life so that Zimbabwe can gain independence.

Well it might turn out to be a fairy tale, at least according to his now enemies.

As we await more details of how Mugabe lied about being a war veteran, the state run Sunday Mail reported over the weekend that the old man always demanded to be paid in cash despite the cash crisis and that he still demands all his dues to be paid as such.

Of course the story is somewhat silly in that it says President Emmerson Mnangangwa got to know about this when a bank teller knocked on his office with cash and asked him to sign for it as it was his salary.

When he apparently asked why his salary was being delivered to his office, the bank teller said she thought it was standard procedure as they had always done the same for Mugabe.

For starters, if Mugabe was always paid in cash, then I am sure the same privilege was also extended to his deputies, which included Mnangangwa.

But now that the latter is on a self-cleansing drive, he wants us to believe that he was not party to all the bad things that Mugabe did.

In fact I find this story rather cheap because Mnangangwa said his salary should be transferred to his account and that like other citizens he would queue to get his cash, really Mr President?

What Mnangangwa should be telling us is what his government is doing to address cash shortages instead of lying to us that he will join the queue.

Anyway if he does stick to his word, we know he will just be trying to score cheap political points.

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