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Mr & Miss hottentots here



The annual Mr. and Miss Hottentots will be held tomorrow (Saturday) at Donga location’s Hottentots Bar and Restaurant.

Tough the beauty pageant is a community project, it has been called after the bar and restaurant thanks to the support the organizers have been receiving from the business owner.

Now in its second year, the beauty pageant is brainchild of the young people of Donga location who are doing everything within its power to ensure that every youthful member of Donga is uplifted socially and economically.

Speaking to Grooving in the Ghetto with Shingirai Madondo, Saone Bikitshane, and the beauty pageant organizer said the idea is aimed at supporting each other during birthdays, weddings and funerals.

With a registration of P20 per participant, the intention is to have as many competitors as possible in order to raise more money.

Bikitshane said the competition is open to men and women residing at Donga location and are clients to Hottentots Bar and Restaurant.

She said it makes a business sense to restrict it to the clients of the bar and restaurant only because this competition is all about raising funds for the community.

Women and men aged between 18 and 35 years can register to enter the competition.