Moxydo ties the knot

Best man, A.T.I has no plans to marry

Popular businessman Mompoloki ‘Moxydo’ Majoo, 27, has tied the knot to his girlfriend of five years Ogone ‘Abnor’ Keobolile, 24.

The upcoming entrepreneur had a traditional wedding this past Saturday in Tonota, with a white wedding scheduled for September 15th at Cresta Marang Hotel.

In an interview with Voice Entertainment, Moxydo as he’s popularly known, said since meeting his new wife in 2012, he instantly knew she was the one.

The Tonota businessman, who runs Moxydo pub in the village, had one of the biggest local artists, Atlasaone Molemogi – aka A.T.I – as his best man.

“Me and A.T.I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. It was a no-brainer for me when it came to selecting my best man,” explained Majoo.

Moxydo ties the knot
BEST FRIENDS: A.T.I and Moxydo

However, the groom added that his best man has no plans to walk down the aisle in the foreseeable future.

“He tells me he doesn’t want trouble,” Majoo said amidst fits of laughter.

It is a statement A.T.I confirms with absolutely no hesitation.

“Vision 2036 will come and go, I’m not getting married!

“I’ll keep organising my friend’s stag parties and I wish them well in their unions, but marriage has never crossed my mind,” insisted A.T.I – unwelcome news for the music star’s legion of female admirers.

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