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Kgathi’s love bite tale

Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Kgathi has not taken kindly to accusations by fellow a MP that he recently came back with love bites from the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN).

The frustrated Minister who itched to sue Gaborone North legislator, Haskins Nkaigwa for making him a butt of jokes after the discussion in parliament was published in local newspapers, however learnt much to his frustrations that no matter how aggrieved he might be, he is prevented by the law from suing.

This week, Kgathi took the matter to Parliament and registered his concern in an effort to clear his name.

FRANCINAH BAAITSE-MMANA captured the debate.

KGATHI: At times when we speak in Parliament, we interject and ask people if there is evidence in whatever they are putting before us. What is painful and very injurious to my character is that it was said in the house that I was at BUAN and I have suffered love bites…

VOICE FROM THE FLOOR: Were you there?

KGATHI: Will you listen! I am saying this on a very serious note. I was sitting in Parliament. I have never gone to BUAN and I have never had any love bites.

Thirdly we always tell honourable members that they sometimes connive with members of the media to defame our characters outside.

I had at some point successfully sued Mmegi for over P100 000.00 for reporting these kinds of issues. Can we retract? Shut up! Can we retract these words?

SPEAKER: (Calls Kgathi to order) Don’t spoil your case with such language.

KGATHI: This is annoying Mr Speaker. Terribly annoying… My apologies.

SPEAKER: Calm down

KGATHI: Honourable Nkaigwa is quoted here as saying to me “do you hear that Honourable Kgathi”…

HOUSE: …(Murmurs)…

KGATHI: I am very serious rra (sir). I will hit you with a bottle (To another MP making side remarks).

HOUSE: Throw it!

KGATHI: I will emulate Kgoroba. He says it was written that, “Honourable Olopeng and Honourable Kgathi were taking selfies and they have suffered love bites.”

These words from the floor of Parliament are quoted in Newspapers albeit without backing of any evidence. I want Nkaigwa to confirm such utterances.

I am taking this matter very seriously. I do not have any love bite. He should bring forth evidence.

HOUSE: … Murmurs…

SPEAKER: (Calls the house to order). We were all here when he made the joke.

KGATHI: Further point of procedure Mr Speaker, you are saying Nkaigwa said so in jest, but we have often stood up here to demand proof of what other honourable members say before the house hence I demand to know if there was any evidence to prove what he said.

If it even goes to the extent of being published, honourable Nkaigwa must stand and clarify this.

SPEAKER: Honourable Kgathi, no. That is not the way to proceed. We don’t discuss newspaper stories in the house.

Honourable Kgathi you are free to take up your case with the said publication. Honourable Olopeng will be your witness.

THAPELO OLOPENG: Further point of procedure Mr Speaker. I do not think the newspaper was wrong per se; Honourable Nkaigwa is the one on the wrong here.

Mouths of MPS

So my request is for this house to allow me and honourable Kgathi to sue this man because he uttered such careless words here.

Mr Speaker, I had an official event at BUAN. I thought he was frustrated by the fact that BUAN students for cultural day, said they did not have an MP in Gaborone North when the MP was asked to give a vote of thanks. I think that was the problem.

This is why he said these things. I was with my officers honouring an invitation through my Ministry. Rre Kgathi was not there. Today I bear witness.

SPEAKER: Order! You know very well that every MP is immune to prosecution for whatever he/she says in this house.