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Motshelo for abortion

Motshelo for abortion
NOT AMUSED: Dintle Lebekwa

Conflict over P600.00 turns nasty

A conflict over a P600.00 debt between two industrial workers turned ugly this week with accusations of aiding a daughter induce abortion being leveled against the accused.

The complainant, Dintle Lebekwa shocked the presiding chief, Kgosi Mark Thipe at the Gaborone West customary court when she revealed that her colleague, (whose name has been withheld to protect the child), confided in her that she wanted the money to finance her daughter’s abortion.

“You did tell me that your daughter was being kicked out of school because she was pregnant and you used the money to terminate the pregnancy,” claimed Lebekwa to which the accused responded; “For all I know, my child is a delinquent, she smokes cigarrettes and all, but she has never been pregnant. She can be taken for medical checkups and doctors will prove that she never was pregnant at any point,” she said.

She further told court that Lebekwa, who is her senior at work has actually been making their work place a living hell as she has been making her work with heavy machinery allegedly as a way of getting back to her for failing to pay her the outstanding balance.

Motshelo for abortion
WITNESS: Mapharing

She said one of the colleagues, Mmamosweu Mapharing who appeared as a witness in the case, at some point labelled her “a thing that borrowed money to help her child terminate her pregnancy.

“I caught her (Mmamosweu) by the colors (of her clothes) and I was ready to beat her up, right there at the work place hadn’t our supervisor intervened,” said the accused.

The woman who was visible angry even wanted the two to explain before the customary court if the cash loan (motshelo) they are running was purposely to help women do abortions.

Nonetheless, Kgosi Thipe told the women that the matter before court had nothing to do with the alleged abortion, but rather the payment of the P600 loan.

Since Lebekwa could not bring sufficient evidence to prove the loan, the court relied on the admission of accused woman who said she only owed Lebekwa P200.

Thipe therefore ordered the woman to pay the amount immediately, failure to which part of her property would be auctioned to settle the debt.