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Mother gives away baby on facebook

Mother gives away baby on facebook
BABY DONOR: Goitseone Molelo


A young mother has incurred the wrath of her family by secretly giving away her newborn baby after allegedly putting him up for adoption on Facebook.

29-year-old Goitseone Molelo gave birth to a healthy baby boy on September 09th.

However, to her parent’s astonishment, when she returned to the family home in Kanye’s Mmamokhasi ward a few days later, it was without their grandson.

Goitseone is believed to have hatched a plan with her married boyfriend – the child’s dad – to ensure he gets custody of their baby – crucially without his wife realising he was the biological father.

It appears Goitseone and her lover agreed that she would put a post on her Facebook page offering her baby boy up for adoption.

The lover would then contact her to express his interest, and Goitseone would give him the child to take home to his wife.

Mother gives away baby on facebook

Talking to The Voice this week, Goitseone’s parents revealed they had never even seen their grandson.

Trembling with a mixture of fury and fear, Goitseone’s mum, 52-year-old Kerupile Molelo, said her daughter admitted giving the baby away to its father.

“I have never seen that in my entire life; a mother returning from the hospital empty handed. My daughter has frustrated me beyond words!” she raged.

Kerupile and her husband, Mbuti Molelo, 56, have since appealed for help from local authorities, including the police and social services, in order for the child to be returned home, but to no avail.

Asked about the family now in possession of the child, Mbuti said he contacted them through Goitseone and they proposed to pay instead of returning the baby.

“They came and we sat in discussions and they offered to pay six cows at P2, 000 each, amounting to P12, 000,” he said scornfully, stressing that he would not sell his grandson for any amount of money.

Speaking to The Voice, an unrepentant Goitseone maintained she had done nothing wrong.

“That baby was mine, I had every right to give it to whoever I wanted to,” replied a defiant Goitseone, who is said to be refusing with the contact details of the adoptive parents.