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Motaung’s ghost haunts Tafic

Motaung's ghost haunts Tafic
WANTED IN AND OUT: Carlos Motaung

After announcing his exit from Tafic Football Club three months ago, Carlos Motaung’s name for some reason remains closely associated with the Francistown giants.

The former Tafic Technical Manager has now called on team officials to tell the truth and clear the confusion surrounding his absence at the club.

His comments came on Wednesday morning, a day after Matjimenyenga Supporters Committee Chairman Christopher Pro Ollyn had told enquiring supporters that Motaung was still with the club.

“Motaung is still with the club,” Ollyn reassured supporters most of whom credit Tafic’s Premiership comeback to Motaung’s input.

“They must tell the supporters the truth. I’m no longer part of the club management,” Motaung told Voice Sport.

Quizzed on whether he was pushed out as some sources close to the Tafic administration suggest the former Matjimenyenga Technical Chief responded:

“I was not pushed. I quit because of an administrative issue. There are certain things that I felt were not being done properly. I had no option but to leave because I seemed to be on my own because my colleagues did not see things the way I did. We are in a democracy and when the majority is not on your side it’s either you do it their way or quit. I chose to leave,” he said.

He however hastened to point out that he was still a Tafic supporter and would continue helping the club whenever the need arises.

Motaung pointed out that he helped with player registration even though this was done after he quit the Matjimenyenga management team.