REJECTED: Venson-Moitoi

Moshupa-Manyana constituency this week turned down Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi’s plea for support ahead of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) elective Congress.

Moitoi who is challenging Mokgweetsi Masisi for the party presidency, held a meeting with the constituency committee at the neighbouring Thamaga village on Thursday, where she asked them to vote for her instead of their former Member of Parliament, Masisi, who is currently party and state president- Constituency Chairperson, Lentswe Mosanako, has confirmed.

“We did receive a call from Moitoi who wanted to meet us in Thamaga. She said she was avoiding meeting us in Moshupa-Manyana as it could be seen as though she was undermining the president.”

Mosanako who said he attended the meeting with about fifteen party members from Moshupa added that they rejected Moitoi’s plea and told her that, “we support Masisi and he is the one we are going to vote for at the Congress.”

Mosanako further added that Moitoi has to bear in mind that Masisi is a good leader who was trusted to lead the country by his predecessor, Khama.

Earlier that day, Khama is said to have held a poorly attended kgotla meeting in Moshupa.

At the meeting, Khama is said to have donated P20 000.00 towards the construction of a shelter at the main kgotla.

After the donation, Khama was scheduled to hand over a house to a destitute, but the anticipated ceremony was cancelled as the beneficiary did not turn up.

Khama donated funds towards the construction of the house late last year in what was viewed by his detractors as a direct campaign on Masisi’s turf.

The two events on Thursday, according to Mosanako, were a campaign attempt to sway the support of constituents in favour of Moitoi.

However, the constituency chairperson said during Moitoi’s meeting in Thamaga, she denied any connections with Khama. “She said she was not sent by anyone to challenge Masisi and she denied being part of the New Jerusalem faction.”

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