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Moshoke’s threat to kill ruling set for July


A ruling on Duma Boko’s associate, Elliot Moshoke’s threat to kill case against Director General of Intelligence and Security Services, Isaac Kgosi, has been set for July 3rd 2017.

The threat to kill case follows controversial statements that were allegedly uttered by Moshoke to a local newspaper in April, 2014 following an apparent assassination plot on Umbrella for Democratic Change President, Duma Boko.

According to court papers, Moshoke uttered the words: “I personally send a warning that should anything happen to Boko, there will be a bloodbath among the families of the responsible people. The security breach comes days after our intelligence revealed that DIS is plotting to assassinate cde Boko and should that happen we will wipe out Serowe and its royal family from the world map. President Ian Khama and Isaac Kgosi must be warned that Boko is not Kalafatis. I will personally ensure that not only do they suffer consequences but even their entire families.”

Extension II Magistrate, Batho Kgerethwa, said all they need is evidence that proves that the threat was real or just day to day uttered words.

She however said Moshoke has a case to answer looking at the fact that he did mention Kgosi.

Though mentioned in the alleged threats, President Ian Khama did not report to the police that his life and those of his family were in danger.