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Mosako returns with 20-track album

Mosako returns with 20-track album

After an eight-year hiatus, legendary ‘Motswakolista’ Mosako is back in the studio putting the finishing touches to his second album, a 20-track offering titled ‘Mmamoratwa’.

The singer is confident the album, set for launch in Gaborone later this month, will help him revive his once illustrious career.

The comeback represents redemption of sorts for Mosaka, whose life ground to a halt when he was accused of defilement.

However, following a drawn-out court battle, in which he was eventually discharged and acquitted, Mosako has returned to music hungry to make amends for lost time.

“Most people don’t know that this is actually my second album. I released my debut 15-track album back in 2010 called MSK,” he revealed, adding that until the album launch, his tracks are availble for download on music streams.

Born Sego Rakobe, Mosako further told Voice Entertainment he intends to take listeners on a musical journey back in time.

“We gave the album a retro and classic feel to it, something which I feel is lacking in today’s music.”

Asked why it took him almost a decade to drop another album, Mosako explained he was not in the right space mentally.

“For me music is something to do with the space you are in. My idea is to have a concept album from the start to the end. I have thought about releasing music in between the years but I didn’t have the songs to drive the album. I tried to release the album four times but it was just not ready!”

Mosako further added that the eight-year wait had a lot to do with his legal battles.

“After being acquitted of my court case I couldn’t get back to studio, I did not have the drive.”

Commenting on whether he is the man behind the character ‘Rragwe Tinana’ a giggling Mosako maintained with glee, “Mosako is Mosako, Rragwe tinana is just Rragwe Tinana. I think the rumor started because we both did songs for the then popular music festival Back to School so people thought we are one person but we are not!”