Home News Morwaeng-Monageng’s rivalry deepens

Morwaeng-Monageng’s rivalry deepens

Morwaeng-Monageng's rivalry deepens
NOT VOTING: Monageng

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party members in Molepolole South are still at each other’s throats, two months following the party’s primary elections; Bulela Ditswe.

The intense political rivalry between Shima Monageng and Kabo Morwaeng’s is said to be seriously compromising the party’s chance of reclaiming the constituency from opposition, Umbrella for Democratic Change.(UDC)

Even before the party decides on way forward and rule on the appeal of Bulela Ditswe results by the loser, Monageng, his camp has already taken a decision not to vote for the winner, Morwaeng whom they have labelled “untrustworthy, ” in the coming general elections, in October 2019,

“Morwaeng is a coward who fails to face the people. He is too arrogant to work with. He cannot be trusted,” stated Monageng’s campaign manager, Mmusi Letlole in an interview this week.

Letlole further accused Morwaeng of blackmailing other democrats through illicit videos he took during in-house party meetings, which he has been allegedlythreatening to send them to the party Secretary General to put them in trouble with party leadership.

He further expressed anger at Morwaeng’s camp which he accused of mudslinging and “going around Molepolole South misleading electorates. Morwaeng especially is telling people that Monageng will contest the general elections under a different party, a thing he knows to be false.”

Letlole said they will however work with councillors, but not Morwaeng.

“We are going to vote for the BDP (Councillors), but our problem is Morwaeng. It is the party leadership which will have to address this issue,” Letlole stated.

According to him, Morwaeng worked a well planned scheme and when he left Molepolole North where he used to contest against Matlhabaphiri (Gaotlhaetse) “he came to Molepolole South with no other intention but to unseat Daniel Kwelagobe. It was no coincidence that when he got in he was made branch chairman and he controlled women and youth wings and that was a well planned maneuver to give him control over general BDP membership and we know that there is not going to be a rerun in Molepolole South, we are BDP members and we know it,” Letlole added.

Meanwhile Morwaeng has declined to comment on the matter, only stating that, “we are not allowed to discuss any issues regarding primary elections, only selected party officials are permitted to do so.”