Two employees of Meteorology department in Mahalapye have accused the Minister of Environment Wildlife and Tourism, Kitso Mokaila, of harassment.
Lebogang Malongwa and Kabo Nokwane claim Mokaila confronted them after they mistakenly tried to exit from the wrong route and blocked the minister’s way. Narrating the details of the incident Malongwa, an Administration Assistant said she and her driver were on duty and had gone to collect payment from Premier Hotel. “We were on our way out from the ministry’s head office when we came face to face with his car. He asked us to reverse, so he could make his way through and after minutes of trying the driver could not find enough space to completely move out of the way, but he made enough space to let the minister’s car in,” narrated Malongwa.
The distraught lady said the minister’s driver kept asking them to move back, even though there was no where to move. Attempts by the driver to show Mokaila’s driver that there was enough space for him to pass through were not welcomed, and Mokaila sprung into action!
“He got off his car and made straight to us. I was shocked because I did not even know that he was in the car. He headed to the driver’s side, switched off the engine and took the car keys and blurted ‘le bodipa’ before handing my car keys to his driver,” said Nokwane.
Nokwane said the minister then walked to his office where they later learnt he had a high profile meeting.
Nokwane’s mistake was he mistakenly used the entrance route to make his exit. However on further examination he realised there was no space to make room for the minister’s car as part of the space was barricaded apparently for the guests who were in the meeting.
“After re-collecting myself I mustered the courage to approach his driver to ask for the keys back. He unflinchingly told me that Mokaila ordered him to keep the keys until he was done with his meeting,” said Nokwane.
It was at that moment that Malongwa got off the car to help in trying to get the keys back and ran right into the fury of an arrogant driver, as she described him. “He told me that I was nothing and even threatened to beat me up. I tried to remind him that we  are all government employees from the same ministry and that we should be working together for the common good but everything I said seemed to infuriate him even further,” Malongwa told the Voice.
The Voice learnt that the said driver continued with his threats, and at one point charged at Malongwa, who took cover in the car. “I still  believe that if I had not taken cover and locked all the doors he would have assaulted me,” she said.
The distraught pair said after close to an hour, a delegation that had also come to the minister’s  meeting had no where to pass as their car was left blocking the route.


“Mokaila’s driver then came to our car, shifted the gear to neutral and pushed it out of the way and held on to the keys still,” they said.
After close to two hours after some persuasion from other people, Mokaila’s driver ran to the office allegedly to ask consent from his boss to give the keys back. He emerged after a few minutes and gave the keys back, and only after he had satisfied himself with another tongue lashing for the two.
“I do not know what got into that man, and I suspect  that the minister did not instruct him to hold on to our keys. There is no how a minister can do that at this time when government is preaching delivery. I just think he saw us as easy targets,” fired Malongwa.
The two have since reported the matter to their Director Phologolo Phage who has asked them to put their disgruntlement in writing.
Efforts to speak to Mokaila did not bear any fruits as his mobile phone remained unanswered. His Private Secretary Mable Bolele rubbished the complaints saying they were not true. “I was there and I saw nothing concerning car keys. Ask that driver to tell you the truth,” she fired back before saying the minister was not available.


  1. Hmmmmmm…we are human first and foremost…and everything we do should be in support of humanity. If the two had used the wrong route which had a domino effect on the proceedings of the day, i assume there is a better way of handling such situations than to take the car keys…Being a leader, if its true that the Hon Minister handled it this way, its a shame… I try to restrain from letting my alliegence cloud my judgement, i still feel this regime has lost respect of humanity…and its pathetic that people are being abused under the cliche of discipline..A LE BODIPA..what kind of a leader asks such kind of question to his subbordinate..

  2. “Mokaila’s driver then came to our car, shifted the gear to neutral and pushed it out of the way and held on to the keys still,” …how did he do this if this woman had taken cover in her car and locked the doors???very funny couple!!!

  3. OOOOOh! a bana ba tshele,tota gatwe bothata botswa kae ka nna gake bo bone gope,fa motho are ke ipone phoso gotswa fago sa tsweng a ke molato,koloi ya puso le badiredi ba puso baka emisiwa fela jaana matona a puso ba thola ba rera bonatla mo tirong,le gone mochobise wa koloi yaga tona o tsaya kae dithata tsago gana kadi key tsa koloi ya molekane wa gagwe,kana jaanong o itira mothusa tona rra?

  4. i term this as a pathetic display of arrogant behaivour. We are all equal before God and what diffretiante us is our status. Although most people do remember God only when they face problems in life. Mr Mokaila should apologise for this. Why did he take the car keys? every man makes mistakes.

  5. I find it very difficult to believe that something like this can happen while the government is preaching service delivery each day??????????. Is true every one makes mistakes, i am not sure may be the driver should apologise too

  6. Dilo tse di dirahalang mo gae di herosa sebete e le ruri, its an embarassment really. Ke gore matona a rona a itirile medingwana jaanong, n they jst get away with all this….

  7. @slailai,juice and 77,ga ke ise ke bone batho bab senang common sense jaaka lona jaana,first and foremost these guys should have not used enterance gate to exit,thats the biggest sin ever.now to go and say all this about equal before god is pathetic.

  8. aoo le ha gotwe mokaila ke lekonteraka, i dont see him doing that! Mme ke belaela ngwanyana yoo a na le crush mogo Mr. Minister, gao moutle a re ‘and i suspect the minister did not….’ mcccw! Gao baitse bakgwetsi babo minister o itlhela e kare ke bone diminister, nXa!

  9. Ke eng a ne a gana go reversa. Koloi e kgona go tswa fa e tseneng ka reverse. Ke mang yo o neng a ya go nna molato fa di ne tsa thulana?

  10. where did this guy get his Licence? ke bone ba thulang ka government cars.i think the minister was behaiving like a gangster here. If a person has done wrng this not the right approach Mr minister.!!

  11. ga reitsi Mme Bolele rona rene re seyo mme boamaruri boitsiwe ke wena le bangongoregi,i dont blv gore bo sistary ba bapeka,how can they sy kgang e tshwanang lee ka mogolo fa ele gore ga babui nnete, cmn on Mmeb say the truth go tsogwa go dirwa wena jalo, driver ya ga Mokaile wach out

  12. King…what do you mean by common sense to start with?..What you have in common with the minister does not mean i have it in common with you..its how the Minister handled the issue that is in question…just because someone has done wrong does not mean they should be abused…AND just beacuase you dont agree with my opinion does not mean you should call me names…it just shows the common things between you and the minister..

  13. Mokaila cannot hide and hope to avoid this! He needs to be a man and a leader that we expect him to be and explain all of this! What did he take the keys for, what did he do with them and why, what explanation does he give for all of this and what did he do about it when he heard this disgrace involving him and his driver has taken place if he did not ask his driver to hold on keys! Frankly, this looks downright bad for him! Does he think being a bully is acceptable in public service? Is this the example he is setting for everyone? We should never, ever hear crap like this in our country if we are to be called a democracy! I hope that President Khama is aware of how Mokaila and Merafhe are treating fellow citizens and he should make it clear it’s not going to be tolerated! These are old men! They should learn to have self control and maturity! Not this!

  14. This is utter foolishness and childishness on Mokaila’s part. People that think they are something because of the positions they hold in society are really sad. This is a clear example of what i am talking about.

  15. we opt to check dis guy driving licence a re o tsene fa kae? o tsa gore go ikgweletswa fela ka gore o mo GC why didnt dey cal de cops on u? waitse o ratile go dira kotsi killing d minister morena. u guys are fools as nw u going to de press lo re lo harasitswe.u blocked de minister from entering n nw lo a kgakgafala gape.gatwe d minister’s drive pushed the car bakway which means dey ws some space wher u cod ve reversed to. lo na le mathata if think minister ene ga atshwane le rona n u luky he didnt punch your silly heads off.

  16. Bolope!!! Bolopee! Boloope! maabane ene ele company ya gagwe gompieno ke dikey, batho! Re ya ka kongweeee! Boang koo, goo koo ke ko zimbabwe koo!

  17. These piple hv dne no mistake or any wrong to enter thru an exit wena @king. Wht is wrong is the Ministry to hv no reasnble space to allow for 2 lanes. Even thr was no offence cmmitted by these piple, thts why the police wre neva summoned. It ws not on hghway tht is why thr r no traffic offcrs pstd thr.

    Wena @tsulu le @ke teng, dilicense dia rekwa, ka jalo o ka tswa fa o tseneng teng, ebile o ka se tswe, e fapogile seporo koloi. Bo Sekwata ke bone fela ba ka itsholang jalo ka maemo mo go bone e le selo se se golediwang ekete sengwe se se sekakeng sa bonwa ke ba bangwe. Go a swabisa e le ruri.

  18. Aubza Ceaze o sematla sa ntlha le sa bofelo..driver ya ga mokaila o ne a tshwere key ya koloi..logic nfana..logic,he had the keys so its easy for him to unlock the car

  19. Ehee nna ne kere le tle le bone akere kae kae motswana hela jaaka dis pair o ne a kobiwa mo tirong a sena go lesa Rre Merafhe a kotama bench, as if that z not enuff malome Moikaila ene o tsaya dikey..ke raa gore mogalammakapa o diragetse! so dis mins u cant ovatake a minista,.huh?Go raa gore boTona ke marena akere,they jus don care about ani1..Action spiks lauda than words Messrs n motswana a re “susu ilela suswana….” watch out.

  20. waits batho ba BITA blynd..motho waane aya antshetsa kutlobothoko mo bathon, ao le bo trebere tota

  21. I dont know where people’s integrity have gone to! Im just wondering…this foolish driver who drives the minister, does he know that he would be in shit had he touched the woman, and the minister would be no where to come to his aid! He will lose his job and the minister will not have powers to overturn the guilt verdict pronounced by the courts. sychophancy is very dangerous! you bootlick, the reason why the minister gave you his keys was because he knew the foolish driver was going to be naive because of blind loyalty. He should ask the DIS operatives who are on trial for Kalafatis’s murder.

  22. Is how they lead by example?? Tota mme gatwe go eng ka Matona a puso……, Gatwe re reng jaanong betsho!!

  23. Taola di ole makgolela mma dikeledi, ea fisa BMD jwale banna ba ntshetsa di anger mo the wrong people. What a show down betwn the Minister and the driver. Bo ko tlase thata

  24. O tshabe motho yo o didimetseng, o tshwana le chaka ee magale mabedi..ija!,ke STRESS fela, motswana thwaa tsebe dikgolo di etla, gatwe BMD gogwe tuuuu!

  25. Gone mme gone go dirisetswa eng exit route, i think exit route is meant for one car only, ke bomatla ba di driver, why didnt he reverse then…….

  26. these drivers ke bone ba ba rekang ditlankana. there is entry and exit and there is forward and reverse. he shud have reversed realising that he has made a mistake. le bo taximan ga ba bodipa jalo. o dipetse the wrong person cz a re they did not see dat Kitso was in the car. Nyc going KM! tsela ke ya setshaba not drivers ba BX.

  27. o tlwaela batho,he cud’nt hv done dat if it was a private car,ba kabo ba mo rutile batho,leed by example tona,ga go supiwe dikgoka ha di sa hlokahaleng teng!

  28. @911.com,@ke teng.@ tlhara.n adas like u le bitter blind,ur also human n ERR IS HUMAN wena cnt u make a mistake just like dat driver.Mokaila N his driver ba bita le bone ba ntshetsa stress mo bathon MOKAILA i dnt think u act like a leader ur a role model n ppl r expectin a lot 4rm u.ke gore le setse le intshitse medingwana fela, lefatshe le fedile.Just coz ur a minister dsn’t mean u can go n bully around man.I think action nid b taken about this so called MINISTERS of dis country .How r we supposed 2 live le lona whilst ur bullyin us as our leaders.NO MR.ikage or else ….ga reitse…

  29. ba tlogele ba dire la bofelo cause re tsenya bmd mo maemong,re lapile ke boitsholo jo,go betswa babega dikgang ke gore in short ga itirelelwa bathong.mme go tla siama.motho ke motho wa tenega le ene.mme eseng ka key ya koloi ya goromente.eish.five d,s di kae gonefa.HOW ABOUT DEMOCRACY AND DELIVERY HERE IN THIS SITUATION.TAKE THE MATTER TO COURT.

  30. Mokaila tlotla maemo a gago tlhe bra! o lucky ka gore ga o a kopana le legawane le go tweng Ziny, nna ke kabo ke go shapile auty yame, ntwa ya dira ga dibonwe, ka dira 50%, 50%.

  31. Ah mme protocol leya e itse.
    What i get from this is that; these people had blocked the minister’s path.
    1. “…tried to exit from the wrong route and blocked the minister’s way”
    2.”I did not even know that he was in the car.” – ijakga! gao abona folaga??
    3. “used the entrance route to make his exit.” – if ur driver ga aitse matshwao a tsela, o tla itse jang government protocol.

    PS: -tlogelang kgang ye, ga ekake ya le thusa ka sepe. Le Molato.
    – Le bereka puso

  32. those people bane ba dira bodipa, they wanted to test mokailas patience o kabo an e a re a sena go tsaya key abo a chesa mpama

  33. ey guy s enjoyin hs lst stay s a minister, mayb also s n MP!!! hw bst can h exprs dat? by bullyin adas!!!

  34. you waisting time ka foolish mahalapye drivers, u r wrong to exit at entrance fool. The minister was fed up ka bodipanyana jwa drivernyana e ya BMD. they should have kept key for long. Productivity ya maaka ka tukwi ya machaina. u were even sneaking out work thats why using wrong route. watch ur mouth u little poor driver. u think u r damaging the minister. u will be watched till u resort to drive taxis, there ba ago shapa, chesa mpama taxi men.

  35. Mokaila tlhe o tla tsenya dingalo eish,go tlare ke ikopanye le ene le nna tle ke winne Miss Botswana!
    Mokaila dis Mokaila dat o itigelang seriti he!

  36. bo mokaila ba ithaya ba re ke medingwana.cum 2014 BMD re tsa puso.no more ka bo kgokgontshi.latet news”BMD LAUNCHED ITS PARTY AT PACKED MOCHUDI”watch dez headline.

  37. dithong!!!!!!!!!! BMD thusa gongnwe bolope bo tlaa fela… terebere o tsaya gore o tlaa tlhopiwa assistant minisetara wa ditlhare le dibatana…..


  39. ba bangwe ba akgela bohema fela waitse,la reng tota.kana terebere eo e phoso he used the entrance gate go tswa.la reng ,lare mokaila o kabe a mo sutetse kana jang.no betsho terebere yoo ga a itse matshwao.ke bone ba bakang dikotsi bao.

  40. O bua nnete kk, batho ga ba lapisiwe ke go senya ba bangwe maina, tlwa that idiot yo gtweng molongwa, a re ga adumele gore mokaila instructed the driver di key, if ke nnete e le gore o ne a di mo neelelang? this story is been fabricated and the stupid driver must be charged ka gore he disobeyed matshwao.

  41. tirisanyo mmogo, dat person o ne a itlhaganetse o tshwanetse go tswa gongwe le gogwe, bane ba toga baya go mo koba mo tirong