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MoE moves to deal with bogus certificates

MoE moves to deal with bogus certificates

Ministry will no longer certify Tertiary graduates’ certificates

In their quest to address the issue of bogus educational certificates, the Ministry of Basic Education will no longer certify Tertiary graduates’ certificates.

Instead, the Ministry have instructed graduates to certify where they were schooling.

In a statement released this week, authorities said, “You are informed that the Regional Education Office only certifies PSLE, JC and BGCSE certificates.”

The memo further said these certificates can also be certified at schools.

It further elaborates that certificates acquired from local Tertiary institutions should be certified at those respective institutions.

“Certificates acquired from international universities are to be certified at the respective embassies of the countries where the institutions are based,” the memo continues.

Confirming this, North East Regional Education Director, Mabunga Gadibolae explained that the major reason behind this sudden change is that they cannot detect the authenticity of the certificates.

“We only certify PSLE, JC and BGSE certificates because our ministry has been changed,” Gadibolae said.

He went on to say that even though they can certify those qualification they still advise students to go where they where schooling.

“We have however, made exceptions for special cases. For example, if a student was schooling at Maun and he/she is in Francistown then we can certify his/her certificate,” he revealed.